A Year’s Worth Of Free DLC Is Coming To Dying Light

Dying light came out almost 3 years ago on Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC, to this day half a mil­lion play­ers are still slaugh­ter­ing hoards of zom­bies week­ly. With so many peo­ple still enjoy­ing Dying Light, devel­op­er Tech­land announced it is still sup­port­ing that game with a whole year worth of free DLC. Tech­land will release 10 pieces of DLC over the next year across all plat­forms Dying Light is avail­able on.

These con­tent drops wills include new ene­mies, events, loca­tions to explore and much more. The first of the new con­tent, Drop 0 will arrive in “in the com­ing weeks”, and will intro­duce new ene­mies to the game.

Drop #0 is a taste of the new things com­ing to the game, before the ’10 free DLCs in 12 months’ cam­paign ful­ly launch­es lat­er this year,” - Tech­land, Dying Light Developer

Tech­land will also host some com­mu­ni­ty events and make some changes and tweaks to game play based on the com­mu­ni­ty response.

Dying Light is avail­able for Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC now.

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