Xbox Players Can Now Access Friday the 13th’s Free DLC Content

After a few days of delay for Xbox play­ers, it appears they can final­ly access the free DLC con­tent that was already giv­en to PS4 and PC play­ers on June 20th. This includ­ed a retro Jason skin (which comes with some cool new music), new cloths for the campers, and 13,000 cus­tomiza­tion points.


The game is also expect­ing to see a bit of dou­ble XP com­ing up this week­end, start­ing June 23rd and end­ing the 25th. 

Gun Media, the small stu­dio behind Fri­day the 13th, stat­ed that the game’s patch was denied approval by Microsoft­’s cer­ti­fi­ca­tion process. They resub­mit­ted on Wednes­day and were obvi­ous­ly approved some­time this morn­ing. Wes Kelt­ner, the stu­dio’s cre­ator and design­er, stat­ed in a post on the game’s Face­book page the delay for Xbox was due to a “mem­o­ry leak issue” and “some insta­bil­i­ty of the new content.” 

The stu­dio was look­ing for help from oth­ers to quick­en the process: “But we’re get­ting some out­side help, from oth­er col­leagues in the indus­try that have had this iden­ti­cal prob­lem. This in an effort to speed it up, or at least avoid some hur­dles get­ting to the root of the problem.”

How­ev­er, this did not stop all the hate that was giv­en toward them from Xbox users. You can see all of that on their Face­book in the link above. 

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