Xbox Cloud Gaming Will Get Keyboard And Mouse Support Eventually

As pre­vi­ous­ly hint­ed, Xbox Cloud Stream­ing will add mouse and key­board sup­port to its ser­vice. It arrives sev­er­al years after this addi­tion was brought to Xbox consoles.

This long-antic­i­pat­ed fea­ture was unveiled dur­ing a devel­op­er talk giv­en by Mor­gan Brown, a soft­ware engi­neer at Xbox. Dur­ing the pre­sen­ta­tion, Brown out­lined plans the Xbox Gam­ing team has to reduce laten­cy, while assist­ing devel­op­ers in opti­miz­ing their game’s res­o­lu­tion and graph­ics dur­ing stream­ing. He went on to say that mouse and key­board sup­port for Xbox Cloud Gam­ing is com­ing, urg­ing devel­op­ers to work on adding it to their games. “It will light up in stream­ing once we fin­ish adding it” he stated.

Xbox Cloud Gam­ing sup­ports Xbox games specif­i­cal­ly, so you can’t use it to play PC games on your phone or com­put­er. How­ev­er, this fea­ture does elim­i­nate the need to have a com­pat­i­ble con­troller, as well as an Xbox Game Pass Ulti­mate mem­ber­ship, and a high speed inter­net connection.

No details were giv­en as to when this fea­ture will be arriv­ing to the Xbox Cloud Stream­ing ser­vice, but with the team encour­age devel­op­ers to add the sup­port is a great sign it’s on the way.

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