What’s New in GTA Online This Week

Aside from Rock­stars usu­al dis­counts, they decid­ed to add Spe­cial Vehi­cle Cir­cuit Races to this weeks update. How­ev­er, there was no new vehi­cle addi­tions and the dis­counts only seem to be on the spe­cial vehi­cles includ­ed in the races. 

New Spe­cial Vehi­cle Cir­cuit Races

Each spe­cial vehi­cle has a set of races attached to it, includ­ing the Imponte Deluxo, the Ocelot Stromberg, and Mam­moth Thrusters. 

Imponte Deluxo Races

Sta­di­um Fly­over: The whole sta­di­um is on its feet wait­ing for the all-Amer­i­can finale: a low-lev­el fly­over by lev­i­tat­ing sports cars. 

Raton Race: Raton Canyon is the kind of rugged ter­rain that makes any red-blood­ed adren­a­line junkie reach for their climb­ing boots— or the keys to their fly­ing car.

Crest­ing: Whether you’re dri­ving, surf­ing the waves, soar­ing above the moun­tains, or doing all the above in your Deluxo — there’s noth­ing quite like the San Andreas coastline. 

Tech­no: This is no edi­ble-fueled night in Los San­tos — when your car takes off and starts fly­ing, that’s every bit as real as the psy­che­del­ic tun­nels and rings of fire.

Ocelot Stromberg Races

Spin­drift: As an under­wa­ter labyrinth strewn with naval mines grad­u­al­ly reveals itself, try to remem­ber that every moment of par­a­lyzed ter­ror is a moment off your lap time. 

The Krak­en: Fair warn­ing. If you’ve ever had bad cala­mari, this one is prob­a­bly not for you. 

Plunge: Every pro rac­er knows to keep a fin­ger on sub­mersible mode when there’s sud­den­ly no more track and you’re soar­ing into the stratos­phere with only the ocean as your land­ing pad. 

Mammoth Thruster Races

Vinewood Air Tours: Wel­come to the high life— the neon glow of the city, the Vinewood sign shin­ing from the hills, 1,000 pounds of thrust roar­ing at your back and the prospect of hor­ri­fy­ing mid-air collisions. 

Chil­i­ad Drop: One minute you’re soar­ing over the sum­mit of Mount Chil­i­ad, the next you’re straf­ing into a cliff with only some rock­et fuel and the promise of brag­ging rights to cush­ion the blow. 

Fly­Lo Chal­lenge: The sur­vival rate in a Los San­tos road tun­nel at rush hour could only get low­er if road-rag­ing mani­acs ditched their cars and used jet­packs instead. But that would nev­er happen. 

Double GTA$ and Bonuses 

Now through May 7th, earn Dou­ble GTA$ and RP in all 30 Rock­star Spe­cial Vehi­cle Races. That includes this weeks 10 addi­tion­al races and the 20 orig­i­nal Rock­star races for the Blaz­er Aqua, Rock­et Voltic & Ruin­er 2000. 

Play­ers will also earn Dou­ble GTA$ and RP for all Spe­cial Vehi­cle Work Mis­sions from your SecuroServ desk­top from you Exec­u­tive Office, now through May 7th.

Special Vehicle Discounts 

This week will be 25% off all vehi­cles fea­tured in the Spe­cial Vehi­cle Circuit:

  • Thruster – 25% off
  • Deluxo – 25% off
  • Stromberg – 25% off
  • Ruin­er 2000 – 25% off
  • Rock­et Voltic – 25% off
  • Blaz­er Aqua – 25% off

Pre­mi­um Race: “Down­town Loop” (locked to Supers)

Time Tri­al: “Fort Zan­cu­do” 

Source: Rock­star 

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