Watch 10 minutes of Gameplay for Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Naughty Dog announced a few days ago they would be stream­ing game­play footage from E3, for the peo­ple at home who did­n’t get to see, ear­li­er today on their Twitch chan­nel. Naughty Dog did show­case Unchart­ed: The Lost Lega­cy at PlaySta­tion’s E3 con­fer­ence, but there was no game­play in that trailer. 

 The Lost Lega­cy is a stand­alone expan­sion of Unchart­ed 4 and is expect­ed to take longer 10 hours to com­plete. It will cost you a whop­ping $40.00 for this expan­sion, its release date is sched­uled for August 22nd. So if you are an Unchart­ed fan, this will is an excit­ing time for you. 

In Unchart­ed: The Lost Lega­cy, you play as Chloe Fraz­er who is ven­tur­ing through the moun­tains of India with the mer­ce­nary Nadine Ross. The two of you are in search of a rel­ic called the Tusk of Ganesh and want to keep it out of the hands of an evil man by the name of Asav.

The game­play seen in the trail­er shows what you would expect from an Unchart­ed game, but there are a new ele­ments to com­bat which is nice. I will not ruin the trail­er so you can check it out for your­self, below:


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