Ubisoft Outlines Year 3 Content of Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft gave a glimpse into the future of con­tent for Year 3 of Rain­bow Six Siege, while at Pro League Finals in Brazil. Below is a roadmap of what you can expect to see com­ing out for each sea­son, although they are not ful­ly detailed:

Ubisoft Outlines Year 3 Content of Rainbow Six Siege

In total, year 3 will bring:

• Eight new operators
• Two brand new maps set in Italy and Morocco
• One map makeover with a new lev­el design and art direction

As you can see, the Oper­a­tors and maps have not been giv­en any fur­ther detail, but Ubisoft did explain a bit more about the event they are hold­ing for Sea­son One.

Year 3 will see the first ever co-op event, where Sea­son One’s two Oper­a­tors (who spe­cial­ize in bio­haz­ard sit­u­a­tions) will have to face a major threat dur­ing this event. For four weeks, Rain­bow Six Siege own­ers will be able to tack­le Out­break, for free. Out­break will also fea­ture an exclu­sive col­lec­tion of cos­met­ics, ones you can only get dur­ing the event.

Ubisoft Outlines Year 3 Content of Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft is plan­ning to reveal more on Oper­a­tion Chimera and Out­break in Mon­tre­al at the Six Invi­ta­tion­al 2018.

Source: Ubisoft

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