Ubisoft Compensating For Honor Players For Outage

For Hon­or is no stranger to prob­lems, suf­fer­ing from glitch­es, cheaters, bal­ance issues and to top it off serv­er issues. Recent­ly For Hon­or and sev­er­al oth­er Ubisoft games were hit with lengthy out­ages and oth­er problems.

Today the offi­cial For Hon­or twit­ter addressed the issue by for­ward­ing play­ers to a forum post out­lin­ing the compensation. 

In case you don’t want to load Ubis forums, below is an exact quote of the post.

Greetings Warriors,

Due to a glob­al Ubisoft online out­age this past 48h affect­ing many games includ­ing For Hon­or on all plat­forms, some of you were unable to access the game.
Because of this we’re grant­i­ng every­body who played last month a 3‑Day Cham­pi­on Sta­tus before the end of the day today (June 7th). 

As soon as the Cham­pi­on Sta­tus is grant­ed to your account, you will be able to acti­vate it the next time you launch For Honor.

Cham­pi­on Sta­tus provides:

  • More Salvage from dismantling Gear
  • More end-match Loot
  • +25% XP Boost
  • 3 Exclusive Champion Emblems
  • An Exclusive Champion Icon next to your name
  • +10% XP Boost for all players on your team
  • Champion Statuses stack

Thanks for your understanding.

- The For Hon­or Team”

For Hon­or play­ers, Do you feel the com­pen­sa­tion was worth the out­age? Let us know!!!

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