Twitch has decid­ed to imple­ment pric­ing adjust­ments for sub­scrip­tions out­side of the US, to match them clos­er to the cost of liv­ing in oth­er coun­tries. Accord­ing to a post from the com­pa­ny, the change was prompt­ed by feed­back from con­sumers. When speak­ing about its cur­rent sub­scrip­tion prices, Twitch stat­ed, “This price makes it dif­fi­cult for many view­ers to sup­port their favorite cre­ators, and like­wise, pre­vents cre­ators from being able to grow their com­mu­ni­ties, make more con­tent, and wel­come new fans.”

The price changes for sub­scrip­tions include paid and gift­ed, and over the com­ing months these rates in most coun­tries will “bet­ter align with their local cost of liv­ing.” The first two coun­tries that will go through this change are Mex­i­co and Turkey, who will have their prices adjust­ed on May 20th. In Mex­i­co, the cost will drop from 99 Pesos to 48 Pesos. Turkey’s sub­scrip­tion price will go from 42 TRY to 10 TRY. Twitch chose these two coun­tries first because they con­tain “cre­ators and view­ers who have been pas­sion­ate about this change for quite some time.”

Twitch’s pric­ing adjust­ments will be head­ing out to numer­ous oth­er coun­tries in Asia, Latin Amer­i­ca, the Mid­dle East, Africa, and Europe–starting in the third Fis­cal quar­ter of 2021.

The com­pa­ny believes that cut­ting the sub­scrip­tions won’t hurt con­tent cre­ators finan­cial­ly. Accord­ing to “tests” done by Twitch, “mak­ing subs more afford­able for more view­ers boost cre­ator rev­enue.” How­ev­er, Twitch did acknowl­edge that what will actu­al­ly hap­pen when these changes come into effect may vary from their test results. To pre­vent a rev­enue issue, Twitch is launch­ing a 12-month pro­gram that pays a cer­tain amount of pro­ject­ed rev­enue to eli­gi­ble creators.