Twitch is set­ting records left and right. Dur­ing the first quar­ter of this year, Twitch broke 3 bil­lion total hours watched for the firs time. That momen­tum has­n’t let up, with view­er­ship sky­rock­et­ing through April and June, quick­ly sur­pass­ing 5 bil­lion total hours watched in a three-month time.

Stream­labs report­ed on the Twitch’s grow­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty, espe­cial­ly dur­ing the coro­n­avirus pan­dem­ic lock­down. Per­vi­ous­ly, Twitch had an aver­age of 2.7 bil­lion hours watched from the same time last year. None of the com­pa­ny’s com­peti­tors got close to even the pre­vi­ous num­ber. YouTube Gam­ing hit 1.5 bil­lion hours and Face­book Gam­ing maxed out at 822 mil­lion, triple the amount from last year.

Microsoft­’s now-closed Mix­er ser­vice came in fourth with only 106 mil­lion hours watched. Promi­nent stream­ers like Shroud and Nin­ja, could be switch­ing back to Twitch after Mix­er was shut­down, which will cer­tain­ly boost Twitch’s num­bers fur­ther. Twitch also had near­ly 10 mil­lion unique chan­nels that streamed 192 mil­lions hours of con­tent, dou­ble the pre­vi­ous quarter. 

The most-watched game was Val­o­rant, which had a sin­gle-day view­er­ship record back on April 8th, and cur­rent­ly has more than 534 mil­lion hours watched. PUBG has only 237 mil­lion and Fort­nite 174 mil­lion views.