Top Down Shooter ‘Nex Machina’ Reveals New Information

In a post on Playsta­tion’s blog, House­mar­que (devel­op­er and pub­lish­ers of Nex Machi­na) announced new infor­ma­tion on their upcom­ing top down shooter.Unfortunately, Nex Machi­na did not get a release date today, though it should be out some­time this summer. 

Sea­son Structure

Instead of just hav­ing the usu­al lev­els modes and stan­dard arcade, House­mar­que want­ed more of a com­pet­i­tive “envi­ron­ment” for its play­ers base to inter­act in. 

Based on a spe­cif­ic amount of time (weeks or months) dur­ing a sea­son, you have an option to gain Ranks, Expe­ri­ence Points, and Sea­son Coins. They gave no spec­i­fi­ca­tions for these three incre­ments. You can also com­pete against your friends with the leader­boards. Sea­sons also have their own dif­fer­ent set of chal­lenges to make the game­play more skill-based and long-lasting.

Top Down Shooter 'Nex Machina' Reveals New Information


It seems the chal­lenges House­mar­que is plan­ning to imple­ment sim­ply takes aspects of the game and just makes it 10x hard­er. They will mix and match them to cre­ate a slight­ly dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ence. Like adjust­ing the speed to twice as fast, or ene­my revenge bul­lets — mean­ing all ene­mies would start spawn­ing with those. 

Top Down Shooter 'Nex Machina' Reveals New Information

Replay Mode

Replay Mode was built in for the com­mu­ni­ty, which allows you to see oth­er play­ers runs and learn (or just watch) the tech­niques. All leader­board entries are effec­tive­ly record­ed, which means it is pos­si­ble to enter the leader­boards, select an entry, and watch the replay. 

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