It’s Star Wars Day and to cel­e­brate the year­ly occa­sion, NPD Group ana­lyst Mat Pis­catel­la has released a chart of the top-sell­ing and high­est-earn­ing Star Wars games in the US.

The chart shows the best-sell­ing titles based on dol­lars sales from Jan­u­ary 1995 up through March 2021. Accord­ing to this list, EA’s Star Wars: Bat­tle­front is the top-sell­ing Star Wars game in US his­to­ry dur­ing the tracked peri­od. This was fol­lowed by EA’s Star Wars Jedi: Fall­en Order in sec­ond, then Star Wars: Bat­tle­front II in third. LEGO Star Wars: The Com­plete Saga is fourth, with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed round­ing out the top five.

See­ing the suc­cess that EA’s games have had, it’s rea­son­able to under­stand why EA and Dis­ney are stay­ing in busi­ness for addi­tion­al Star Wars titles. Of course, EA no longer has exclu­sive rights for con­sole games, as Lucas­film is now work­ing with Ubisoft on a new Star Wars open-world game from the devs of The Division.

It’s also been rumored that Aspyr is mak­ing a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Repub­lic remake.

You can check out the full list of best-sell­ing Star Wars games, below:

Top 10 Best-Selling Star Wars Games In The US

  1. Star Wars: Bat­tle­front (2015)
  2. Star Wars Jedi: Fall­en Order
  3. Star Wars: Bat­tle­front II (2017)
  4. LEGO Star Wars: The Com­plete Saga
  5. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  6. Star Wars: Bat­tle­front II (2005)
  7. LEGO Star Wars II: The Orig­i­nal Trilogy
  8. LEGO Star Wars
  9. Star Wars: Bat­tle­front (2004)
  10. Star Wars: Shad­ow of the Empire