2021 marks the 35th anniver­sary of The Leg­end Of Zel­da series and Nin­ten­do has some good news for Zel­da fans. Dur­ing the lat­est Nin­ten­do Direct Live Steam, Nin­ten­do announced they are releas­ing The Leg­end Of Zel­da Sky­ward Sword HD for the Nin­ten­do Switch on July 16th 2021. As the title says, the game has been remas­tered in HD but that is not all. 

The Leg­end Of Zel­da Sky­ward Sword was played using the Wii’s unique motion con­trols, those con­trols have been adapt­ed to the Switch’s Joy-Con Con­trollers for users who like using the motion con­trols. For users who have a Switch Lite or just pre­fer to use a more clas­sic con­trol scheme Nin­ten­do has revamped the con­trols so the game can be com­plete­ly con­trolled with with the ana­log sticks and buttons.

Oth­er than the Joy-Con adapt­ed con­trols and a new HD paint job, The Leg­end Of Zel­da Sky­ward Sword HD looks like it remains faith­ful to the orig­i­nal and return­ing play­ers will fall in love all over again. The addi­tion of a new con­trol scheme will make the expe­ri­ence bet­ter for those who pre­fer so use the ana­log sticks and buttons. 

Nin­ten­do is also releas­ing new Zel­da themed Joy-Cons to cel­e­brate Sky­ward Sword’s release on the Switch. These awe­some blue Joy-Cons cost $80 and can be pre­ordered at Best­Buy and GameStop but they are going fast so you have to keep check­ing to have a chance at get­ting your hands on them.

The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword HD Is Coming To The Switch

The Leg­end Of Zel­da Sky­ward Sword is avail­able for pre­order dig­i­tal­ly now on the Nin­ten­do E‑shop and phys­i­cal pre­orders are going live at retail­ers now as well. 

The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword HD will be available July 16th 2021 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite