A new report from Bloomberg put the spot­light on the inner work­ings of PlaySta­tion, and one of the most notable take­aways is the Naughty Dog is work­ing on a The Last of Us Remake. The report fur­ther men­tions that Days Gone stu­dio, Bend, was devel­op­ing a new Unchart­ed game and that Days Gone will not be get­ting a sequel.

Sony’s Visu­al Arts Ser­vice Group, based in San Diego, typ­i­cal­ly sup­ports oth­er Sony stu­dios. How­ev­er, the stu­dio is now said to have begun to remake The Last of Us about three years ago.

Visu­als Arts Ser­vice Group found Michael Mum­bauer recruit­ed about 30 peo­ple, from both inside and out of Sony, to cre­ate a new divi­sion that would devel­op a remake of The Last of Us for PS5, Bloomberg report­ed. The team did­n’t get fund­ing or sup­port and Sony decid­ed to shift devel­op­ment of the remake to Naughty Dog.

Mum­bauer has since left the com­pa­ny, with oth­ers leav­ing as well. 

The report also states that Bend Stu­dio pitched a sequel to Days Gone, but it was reject­ed, despite the finan­cial suc­cess of the first game. Instead of work­ing on the sequel, one team at Bend is now assist­ing Naught Dog on “a mul­ti­play­er game.”

It does­n’t say what that game is, but it was pre­vi­ous­ly announced that Naughty Dog is mak­ing a stand­alone Last of Us mul­ti­play­er game. Anoth­er team inside Bend was set to work on a “new Unchart­ed game” with Naughty Dog over­see­ing the project.

Some high­er-ups at Bend were report­ed to be unhap­py about work­ing on Unchart­ed, and asked to be removed from the project. Sony agreed, accord­ing to the report, and Bend Stu­dios is now mak­ing “a new game of their own.”

Naught Dog has said it won’t make anoth­er Unchart­ed title, but the stu­dio did say that a dif­fer­ent stu­dio could come step in to make Unchart­ed 5. it seems that this still remains a pos­si­bil­i­ty, even after Bend dropped out.

The report also men­tions that Mum­bauer’s team ini­tial­ly want­ed to do a remake of the orig­i­nal Unchart­ed game, but that “quick­ly fiz­zled” due to costs and oth­er issues. So the team moved on to a remake of The Last of Us with an idea to release it in a pack­age with The Last of Us II for PS5.

The new PlaySta­tion Stu­dios boss, Her­man Hulst, said The Last of Us remake was too expen­sive due to its new engine for PS5 and game­play redesigns, accord­ing to the report.

Instead, Sony put Mum­bauer’s team to work on The Last of Us II as co-devel­op­er with Naughty Dog to help pol­ish the game. After The Last of Us II was fin­ished, Sony report­ed­ly asked some devel­op­ers from Naughty Dog to help Mum­bauer’s team with The Last of Us remake, but it was lat­er shift­ed to Naughty Dog’s inter­nal team.

The Last of Us remake, which is said to be known as T1X, is still in devel­op­ment at Naughty Dog with help from Visu­al Arts Sup­port Group, as stat­ed by the report.