Bethes­da is mak­ing a big adjust­ment to The Elder Scrolls online, mark­ing how Microsoft­’s acqui­si­tion is chang­ing Bethes­da’s approach to micro­trans­ac­tions. Items avail­able in loot box­es will also soon be avail­able with­out hav­ing to spend any real money.

Zen­i­Max Online Stu­i­dos announced this in a new update post (via Eurogamer) that pre­views con­tent com­ing in a mid-June update, so play­ers will have to wait a while longer before it takes affect. A sys­tem called Endeav­ors will allow play­ers to com­plete dai­ly and week­ly quests to earn rewards, includ­ing Seals of Endeav­or that can be spent on any Crown Crate items cur­rent­ly in the game.

Tasks include steal­ing items, craft­ing or sell­ing items, defeat­ing ene­mies, har­vest­ing resources, and sev­er­al oth­er quest types.

For the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can acquire these high­ly sought-after items via game­play in addi­tion to find­ing them with­in crates,” the devel­op­er said.

The amount you get will vary depend­ing on the quests com­plet­ed, as well as the day. Any items you get through Seals of Endeav­or can’t be con­vert­ed into gems–this is only offered for dupli­cate Crown Crate items.

You can see all the Crown Crate items avail­able via Seals from the Crown Store menu, and when each day is over, dai­ly Endeav­ors will be reset with new one activated.