A new Teenage Mutant Nin­ja Tur­tles game is on the way titled TMNT: Shred­der’s Revenge. It’s takes after the 1991 arcade game Teenage Mutant Nin­ja Tur­tles: Tur­tles In Time. Sim­i­lar to that game, Shred­der’s Revenger is a side-scrolling beat-em up, and it’s being devel­oped by Trib­ute Games and pub­lished by Dote­mu. It’s set to launch on both PC and con­soles, but no spe­cif­ic con­soles were mentioned.

The game takes a retro pix­el art direc­tion, stick­ing with the orig­i­nal 1987 teenage muntants’ design. There will be clas­sic vil­lains like Krang and Shred­der, with the game tak­ing place in loca­tions famil­iar to the TMNT uni­verse, like the streets of New York City and Dimen­sion X. A Steam Page is cur­rent­ly up, but no price is listed.

Shred­der’s Revenge sup­ports four-play­er co-op mul­ti­play­er. Each tur­tle has their own moves and skills, and com­bos help in deal­ing with your ene­mies. The use of vehi­cles and a sto­ry mode are also mentioned.

The pre­vi­ous TMNT game made for con­soles was released in 2016, called TMNT: Mutants in Man­hat­tan. Plat­inumGames devel­oped that title and Activi­sion pub­lished it, but it also kept in line with the beat-em-up roots.