A remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Repub­lic is report­ed­ly being devel­oped at Aspyr. An updat­ed ver­sion of this clas­sic Star Wars game has been rumored for quite some time, but recent reports have shed more light on it.

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier named the devel­op­er in an appear­ance on the Min­n­Max pod­cast. The open­ing of the show start­ed off talk­ing about the per­sis­tent KOTOR rumors and how a remake isn’t in devel­op­ment at EA, with the host com­ing back to the top­ic at the end–where Schreier gave the stu­dio name.

This is pub­lic at this point, I’ve basi­cal­ly con­firmed that Aspyr–which is the com­pa­ny that’s port­ed a bunch of KOTOR games–is work­ing on the remake,” he said.

This report was fur­ther cor­rob­o­rat­ed by Eurogamer, which also report­ed hear­ing Aspyr’s involve­ment in remake’s development. 

Aspyr has been known for work­ing on ports for game like Star Wars: Episode 1 Rac­er and Jedi Out­cast. How­ev­er, this would be a change for the devel­op­er, since its appears to be a full remake instead of just a port. Pre­vi­ous rumors have sug­gest­ed that the remake would not be devel­oped by EA’s inter­nal stu­dios, and that the game would take ele­ments from both the old KOTOR titles.

After Dis­ney bought Lucas­film, EA gained an exclu­sive con­tract for the Star Wars license. Ear­li­er this year though, Dis­ney opened a Lucas­film Games brand which will main­tain all Star Wars game projects going forward–as well as open­ing devel­op­ment to oth­er stu­dios. Of course, EA still plans to make more Star Wars games.