This week is see­ing some major news on the next-gen con­sole front, but it’s all been from Microsoft. The com­pa­ny announced the Xbox Series S yes­ter­day, and then pro­ceed­ed to reveal the release date and price for the Xbox Series X. This leaves PlaySta­tion fans chomp­ing at the bit for sim­i­lar details regard­ing the PS5, but unfor­tu­nate­ly they won’t be get­ting any.

Sony has made it abun­dant­ly clear they won’t be fol­low­ing in Microsoft­’s foot­steps — at least not right now. They have stat­ed their will be PlaySta­tion news, but about the games and PSVR, not the PS5. In a PlaySta­tion blog post, Sony’s Gillen McAl­is­ter announced the PSVR would be spot­light­ed, which will include new game announce­ments and updates about the PSVR through­out the week.

Sony Won't Be Making Any PS5 Announcements This Week

There was a dis­claimer with­in the post, read­ing: “this is all about the games. So to man­age expec­ta­tions, there’ll be no PS5-relat­ed news.” While Sony has already con­firmed the cur­rent PSVR head­set will work with the next-gen con­sole, this dis­claimer is like­ly point­ing to the rumored sec­ond-gen PSVR.

Since Microsoft announced the most impor­tant details about the Xbox Series X and Series S, it’s only a mat­ter of time before PlaySta­tion releas­es their own price and launch date.