While it appears that Kon­a­mi isn’t plan­ning on mak­ing just one Silent Hill entry, but two, with one devel­op­er prepar­ing for a reveal this summer. 

A report com­piled by VGC sug­gests that Kon­a­mi might be set­ting up two dif­fer­ent reboots of the hor­ror fran­chise. One is already well into devel­op­ment at a Japan­ese stu­dio. Bloober Team, the devel­op­ers of The Medi­um, are poten­tial­ly work­ing on the oth­er, with CEO Piotr Babi­eno con­firm­ing that the stu­dio has been work­ing on a hor­ror IP from a “very famous gam­ing publisher.”

Babi­eno made the above state­ment in an inter­view with GameIndustry.Biz, adding “I can’t tell you who. I can’t tell you what the project is, but I’m pret­ty sure when peo­ple real­ize we’re work­ing on it, they will be very excited.”

Bloober has been throw­ing oth­er hints they might be work­ing on a Silent Hill entry. Ear­li­er this year, famed Silent Hill com­pos­er Aki­ra Yamao­ka con­firmed he was work­ing with Bloober on anoth­er game out­side of The Medi­um. A few weeks ago. Yamaoke also appeared on a video where he teased a project he described as “the one you’ve been hop­ing to hear about.” The video was tak­en down, with Kon­a­mi deny­ing involvement.

VGC reports that Kon­a­mi pre­vi­ous­ly approached Super­mas­sive Games (devs behind Until Dawn) to devel­op a Silent Hill, but plans fell through. The Silent Hill being devel­oped in Japan is report­ed­ly a depar­ture from the series’ famil­iar game­play, which could explain why Kon­a­mi was look­ing for a more tra­di­tion­al reboot idea.