It comes as a mas­sive sur­prise that a Silent Hill DLC is head­ing to Dead By Day­light next month. It’s been six years since the P.T. demo changed how future hor­ror games were devel­oped. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the rela­tion­ship between Hideo Koji­ma and Kon­a­mi soured, leav­ing fans major­ly dis­ap­point­ed a full game was nev­er produced.

We may nev­er actu­al­ly see a full Silent Hill title, but you can at least get a taste in Dead By Day­light. Behav­iour Inter­ac­tive, the devel­op­er behind the game, announced the Silent Hill DLC, which is releas­ing on June 16th.

The DLC will include the Silent Hill 2’s Pyra­mid Head (or the Exe­cu­tion­er) and Silent Hill 3’s Cheryl Mason, as playable char­ac­ters. Mid­wich Ele­men­tary School, a lev­el from the first Silent Hill, will also be includ­ed. A price was not men­tioned, but most of Dead By Day­light’s DLC is between $7 and $12, and can’t be bought with in-game cur­ren­cy. The Silent Hill Chap­ter is cur­rent­ly avail­able in the Dead By Day­light Pub­lic Test Build. You can see the DLC trail­er below:

The lat­est DLC released for Dead By Day­light was Chains of Hate, back in March. Last Sep­tem­ber, the team added a Stranger Things DLC, brin­ing the Demogor­gon and sev­er­al oth­er fea­tures. Rumors that anoth­er Silent Hill title being devel­oped have been swirling around through­out the year, but Kon­a­mi com­plete­ly denied them back in March.