Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.6

It’s the begin­ning of May and Rare has launched a new update for Sea of Thieves, which shows some hope of con­tent being added to the title. It includes new cus­tomiza­tion options, a new weapon, and gen­er­al fixes.

There are sev­er­al new cos­met­ic items to cus­tomize your pirate, includ­ing expand­ed sets for Admi­ral, Bilge Rat, Sea Dog and Sov­er­eign. Shop stock will vary at every out­post, depend­ing on the region you’re in. If you are look­ing for the Sov­er­eign set, make sure to head to the Ancient Isles.

Not only are your pirates get­ting cus­tom items, your ship can also look for­ward to a lit­tle TLC. Mul­ti­ple sets are com­ing, includ­ing Grand Admi­ral, Cast­away Bilge Rat, Ruf­fi­an Sea Dog and Impe­r­i­al Sov­er­eign sets, which you can find in the ship­wright stock. 

Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.6

For a lim­it­ed time, play­ers can also pur­chase the new “Launch Crew” Eye of Reach weapon. It cel­e­brates “being at sea for a month” and will only cost you 1 Gold. You can see the full list of added cus­tomiza­tions and changes, below:

  • Region­al Stock — Shop­keep­ers in dif­fer­ent regions now only stock cer­tain item sets, due to some mist­imed deliveries.
  • Strike a Pose — We’ve expand­ed our cloth­ing range to include the Exec­u­tive Admi­ral, Grand Admi­ral, Rot­ten Bilge Rat, Cast­away Bilge Rat, Cor­sair Sea Dog, Ruf­fi­an Sea Dog and Impe­r­i­al Sov­er­eign sets.
  • Ship Shape — Mul­ti­ple sets of ship cos­met­ics have been added to the ship­wright stock. Now you can pur­chase and equip Grand Admi­ral, Cast­away Bilge Rat, Ruf­fi­an Sea Dog and Impe­r­i­al Sov­er­eign ship cus­tomi­sa­tion sets.
  • Ohh, Shiny! — Vis­it the weapon shops at the many out­posts to find their stocks of Grand Admi­ral, Cast­away Bilge Rat, Ruf­fi­an Sea Dog and Impe­r­i­al Sov­er­eign weapons. Fan­cy a new weapon style? We’re sure one of these will take your fancy!


  • Tuto­r­i­al Invul­ner­a­bil­i­ty — Play­ers are no longer invul­ner­a­ble dur­ing parts of the Tuto­r­i­al when first launch­ing the game. 
  • Skele­tons Accu­ra­cy — When shoot­ing can­nons from islands at long dis­tances, Skele­ton accu­ra­cy has been reduced. We read your feed­back that it was a lit­tle extreme… #Skel­ly­OP!
  • Mer­chant Voy­ages — It is no longer pos­si­ble to force Mer­chant voy­ages to request deliv­ery to a spe­cif­ic out­post. Now you’ll have to earn your cheddar.
  • Sneaky Climb­ing — The bell on the small ship has been moved to the oth­er side of the lad­der, to avoid acci­den­tal ring­ing. We’re redec­o­rat­ing! With the Ammo Crate and Bell moved, what are we mov­ing next?

Fixed Issues

  • [PC Only] Rebind­ing to the F key will no longer soft lock the radial. 
    This has been a top report­ed issue to Sup­port, and we believe this is now resolved. If you are still encoun­ter­ing issues with this rebind lock­ing the screen, please log a Sup­port Tick­et and we will inves­ti­gate further.
  • Stow and Dis­en­gage can now be rebound to the same but­ton on a controller
  • Incor­rect com­pa­ny icons will no longer be dis­played for a split sec­ond if try­ing to get rep­u­ta­tion from two dif­fer­ent Trad­ing Companies.
  • Join­ing a dead play­er whose ship is parked at an active Skele­ton Fort will no longer pre­vent the join­ing player’s radi­als from being opened.
  • Recent Play­ers list will no longer be delayed in updat­ing play­ers from oth­er crews.
  • Hunter of Cursed Crews and Hunter of Fort Skulls Com­men­da­tions now track.
  • Voy­age inven­to­ry mes­sage is now trans­lat­ed when there are no voy­ages in the inventory.
  • Loot items can no longer be dropped behind the Captain’s table on the small ship when try­ing to place them on the table.
  • Ships’ ropes now cast shad­ows on the deck.
  • Musi­cal instru­ments can now be used imme­di­ate­ly after inter­act­ing with parts of the ship.
  • [PC Only] Half Vsync option was removed. The Frame Lock option should now be used instead.
  • Resolved an issue which could cause play­ers to fail to migrate and remain on low pop­u­la­tion servers.

Performance Improvements

  • Repet­i­tive actions from play­ers will no longer impact the net­work sta­bil­i­ty for oth­er players.
  • Frame rate lock option is no longer dis­abled when vsync is enabled.
  • Sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tions in time tak­en to return from the Fer­ry of the Damned.
  • Images in all Chests now load grace­ful­ly when browsing.
  • Mul­ti­ple serv­er crash fixes. 

Source: Rare

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