Anoth­er month has passed and Rare has released anoth­er free con­tent update. It’s titled Smuggler’s For­tune and brings new Voy­ages, the open­ing of the Pirate Empo­ri­um, new emotes, ship cos­met­ics and more. 

Smuggler’s For­tune also intro­duces Duke’s Black Mar­ket and new pirate pets. You can see the full list of changes made to Sea of Thieves this month, below:

Smuggler’s Fortune

  • Reaper’s Grave Voy­age – Stitch­er Jim has struck a deal with the local Sea­posts to acquire Duke’s excess stock. Grab your­self a free Reaper’s Grave Voy­age and set out for Ship­wreck Bay to dig up the crates before head­ing to a des­ig­nat­ed Sea­post to cash them in. Deliv­er­ing these crates on time will also pro­vide a repeat­able source of Dou­bloons, just in time for the intro­duc­tion of the Black Mar­ket. Stitch­er Jim claims he’ll take care of the rest, but that’s a lot of bones! 
    All Rag and Bone Voy­ages are time-lim­it­ed for the dura­tion of the Smuggler’s For­tune update.
  • Sea­post to Sea­post Voy­age – Some Sea­posts need assis­tance in mov­ing their crates to Sea­posts on the out­skirts of the Sea of Thieves, so pick up a free Sea­post to Sea­post Voy­age to help them man­age their car­go! 
    All Rag and Bone Voy­ages are time-lim­it­ed for the dura­tion of the Smuggler’s For­tune update.
  • Leg­endary Reaper’s Grave Voy­age – Pirate Leg­ends are tasked with a Reaper’s Grave Voy­age requir­ing them to load their ship with even more car­go before head­ing out to their des­ig­nat­ed Sea­post for dis­pos­al. Expect to net more Dou­bloons from this Leg­endary Voy­age! 
    All Rag and Bone Voy­ages are time-lim­it­ed for the dura­tion of the Smuggler’s For­tune update.
  • Smuggler’s For­tune Com­men­da­tions and Rewards – A range of Mer­ce­nary Com­men­da­tions are avail­able to unlock for help­ing Duke and Jim deliv­er their car­go. You can also earn Dou­bloons to spend in the Black Mar­ket along the way, as well unlock­ing the ‘Bone Haul Bear­er’ and ‘Bone Haul Ban­dit’ Titles. 
    The Smuggler’s For­tune update pro­vides a mix of per­sis­tent and time-lim­it­ed Com­men­da­tions. Check the Rep­u­ta­tion page for the time-lim­it­ed stamp!

Black Market

Duke’s Black Mar­ket offers a range of unique items, from new cos­met­ics through to vari­ants of pre­vi­ous­ly time-lim­it­ed cos­met­ics. These offers will only last until the next Month­ly Con­tent Update when the stock will be refreshed, so grab them now! (Duke has also men­tioned that these items will appear back in stock in future updates.)

  • Fear­less Bone Crush­er Cloth­ing – This month Duke is offer­ing a twist on the pre­vi­ous­ly avail­able Bone Crush­er cloth­ing set by intro­duc­ing Fear­less Bone Crush­er cloth­ing. Avail­able for Dou­bloons, play­ers can acquire the Fear­less Bone Crush­er Jack­et, Fear­less Bone Crush­er Dress and Fear­less Bone Crush­er Hat.
  • Fear­less Bone Crush­er Ship – In keep­ing with the Bone Crush­er theme, Duke is also intro­duc­ing the Fear­less Bone Crush­er ship liv­ery range. Avail­able for Dou­bloons, play­ers can acquire the Fear­less Bone Crush­er Hull, Fear­less Bone Crush­er Sail and Fear­less Bone Crush­er Flag.
  • Deep Ocean Crawler Weapons – Some­thing for your gold? This month Duke intro­duces a twist on the Ocean Crawler set with the ‘Deep Ocean Crawler’ weapons. By dig­ging into their gold reserves, play­ers can acquire the Deep Ocean Crawler Cut­lass, Deep Ocean Crawler Flint­lock, Deep Ocean Crawler Blun­der­buss and Deep Ocean Crawler Eye of Reach.
  • Let­ters of Rec­om­men­da­tion – Play­ers are now earn­ing a steady stream of Dou­bloons through the on-time deliv­ery of Rag and Bone Crates and hoard­ing of Reaper’s Chests, in addi­tion to the Mer­ce­nary Voy­ages being made avail­able for free! So under the pro­vi­sion of the Trad­ing Com­pa­nies, Duke has begun restrict­ing the flow of Let­ters of Rec­om­men­da­tion. Play­ers will now be only able to pur­chase a sin­gle Let­ter of Rec­om­men­da­tion for each Com­pa­ny in each month.

Pirate Emporium

New stock is added to the Empo­ri­um with each update, so head back reg­u­lar­ly to see what’s new!

  • Par­rots and Mon­keys – Look­ing for a feath­ered friend to sail beside you with the wind in its feath­ers, or a nim­ble com­pan­ion to fol­low you deep into an under­ground cave while you explore ancient ruins? The Pirate Empo­ri­um offers a range of par­rot and mon­key breeds for its grand open­ing, from the cheeky Para­keet and proud Macaw par­rots through to the nim­ble Capuchin and wise Bar­bary mon­keys. With each breed offer­ing a range of dif­fer­ent colours, there’s plen­ty of choice!
  • Sea Dog Pet Out­fits – Each pet can be dressed in a fetch­ing Sea Dog Out­fit. Fan­cy an eye­patch for your Capuchin or a ban­dana for your Macaw? Go to the Pets sec­tion of the Pirate Empo­ri­um to pur­chase an out­fit before head­ing to the Pet Chest to equip it.
  • Sea Dog Dis­count Bun­dles – For this month only, you can pick up dis­count­ed bun­dles for the Macaw and Capuchin, each dressed in a fash­ion­able Sea Dog outfit.
  • Bear & Bird Ship Col­lec­tion – Fans of Ban­jo-Kazooie will find a brand new liv­ery avail­able for pur­chase. Whether you pick up indi­vid­ual Bear & Bird ship items, the full set or the Collector’s Fig­ure­head and Sails, you now have var­i­ous ways to show your love for the famous duo. A Bear & Bird Ship Bun­dle is also on offer which includes all the reg­u­lar ship cos­met­ics at a nice discount!
  • Emotes Vari­ety Bun­dle – You can now express your­self in all kinds of new ways with a Vari­ety Bun­dle of emotes, some of which are also sold separately.
  • Emote Selec­tion – The Van­i­ty Chest has now been updat­ed with an emote tab, giv­ing play­ers the abil­i­ty to con­fig­ure their emote radi­al how­ev­er they like. On pur­chas­ing a new emote, play­ers can now replace an exist­ing emote with their shiny new one!
  • Ancient Coins – Ancient Coins are the cur­ren­cy of choice for the Pirate Empo­ri­um. When inside the Pirate Empo­ri­um, press ‘X’ (Xbox) or ‘F’ (Win10) to access a range of Ancient Coin packs for pur­chase on your Microsoft account with­out leav­ing the game.
  • Ancient Skele­tons?! – Pirates have begun to report sight­ings of a mys­te­ri­ous Ancient Skele­ton car­ry­ing a giant sack of Ancient Coins while out explor­ing on islands. Even though it flees on sight, lucky pirates may be able to defeat the skele­ton before it returns to the ground and col­lect the Ancient Coins it leaves behind. Stay alert for the dis­tinc­tive sound when it clam­bers out of the ground and take it down before it disappears!


  • Where Are They? – So, you’ve bought a new com­pan­ion from the Pirate Empo­ri­um, but where can you find it? Just head to the Pet Chest out­side any Out­post Pirate Empo­ri­um or on your ship to select your new com­pan­ion and bring it along with you on your adventures.
  • Name Your Pet – Once a pet has been select­ed in the Pet Chest, you’re free to name it how­ev­er you see fit. With your pet select­ed, press ‘X’ (Xbox) or ‘F’ (Win10) to access the nam­ing win­dow – but keep it clean!
  • Pet Out­fits – Once pur­chased from the Pirate Empo­ri­um, fetch­ing new out­fits can now be equipped on your loy­al com­pan­ions. Each out­fit is unique to a spe­cif­ic breed of ani­mal, so head to your Pet Chest and dress up your favourite!
  • Fol­low the Leader – Pets will instinc­tive­ly fol­low you as you tra­verse the Sea of Thieves, from join­ing you for a drink in the tav­ern to feel­ing the wind in their fur or feath­ers far out at sea.
  • Hang­ing Out – When on your ship, pets remain idle before pick­ing a spot to hang out. Look out for your mon­key perch­ing next to the wheel as you sail your ship, or your par­rot tak­ing a nap on the Captain’s table while you vote for your next Voy­age. Perch­es have even been added to the Rowboats!
  • Stay! – While hold­ing your pet, you can place them direct­ly onto one of the hang­out spots set up all over your ship. Then they’ll stay put even if you leave the ship and head off into the world, for those times where stealth or focus is key!
  • Pet Cages – Work­ing pet cages have been added to all ship types! Swing the latch and you now have a handy place for your favourite com­pan­ion to sit which is a lit­tle more out of the way.
  • Look Out! – Your loy­al com­pan­ion will react to the world around you and cow­er when you and the crew are in dan­ger! Don’t wor­ry, they can’t be hurt, but they might need a bit of fuss once you’ve van­quished any threats.
  • Pick­ing Up Pets – You can pick up any pet you find in the world, whether it’s yours, a mem­ber of your crew’s or even a rival pirate’s. Once picked up you can give them a good fuss and then show them off to oth­ers. When show­ing off your pet, oth­er pirates can feed it, stroke it and even take it from you to play with.
  • Dis­miss­ing Your Pet – If you are away from your ship and look­ing for a quick way to dis­miss your pet, head to the ‘My Crew’ sec­tion in the Game Options. Under ‘Pet Man­age­ment’ you have a quick way to return your pet to the Pet Chest.

The Arena

  • Are­na Cross Play – Xbox play­ers now have an option in the main set­tings menu before jump­ing into a game ses­sion to enable an Xbox con­troller pref­er­ence for Are­na match­mak­ing. This will search for Xbox play­ers using con­trollers and attempt to match you with play­ers who have also select­ed this option (but if not enough play­ers are found with this pref­er­ence, you will be moved to a mixed-plat­form game so that you can still get into the action). If you set this pref­er­ence to ‘Off’, you will be matched with all play­ers includ­ing those on PC and any Xbox play­ers using a mouse and keyboard.
  • Meg Head in the Tav­ern – Dur­ing your time in The Arena’s Glo­ri­ous Sea Dogs Tav­ern, you will now see the mag­nif­i­cent tro­phy head of the Mega­lodon that DeMar­co him­self defeated!
  • Are­na Non-Ver­bal Mes­sages – While inside The Are­na, non-ver­bal pirate phras­es have been revised to pro­vide more tac­ti­cal use in Are­na contests.
  • Are­na Wel­come Mes­sage – When join­ing The Are­na by going into the Tav­ern or straight into a con­test, play­ers will now be shown a wel­come mes­sage inform­ing them of their team name, colour and iconography.


  • Rejoin Your Game Ses­sion – When dis­con­nect­ed from the game due to a sud­den exit, game crash or net­work issue, play­ers are now offered the chance to rejoin their game ses­sion once they return to the main menu. Game ses­sions are now kept alive for a short peri­od of time after the last crew mem­ber dis­con­nects, pro­vid­ing a 10-minute win­dow to return to the ses­sion with­out los­ing progress.
  • Aggres­sive Skele­ton Ships – When out sail­ing the world, crews will once again hear eerie sounds from the depths as aggres­sive Skele­ton Ships breach along­side them to attack. Skele­ton Sloops have entered the fray too, ensur­ing dif­fer­ent crew sizes encounter an appro­pri­ate chal­lenge! When sail­ing on a Sloop, crews should no longer encounter an aggres­sive Skele­ton Galleon and will instead find them­selves attacked by a Skele­ton Sloop. Brig­an­tine crews have a chance to encounter both Skele­ton Sloops and Skele­ton Galleons, while Galleon crews will always encounter the most chal­leng­ing Skele­ton Galleon.
  • Roam­ing Skele­ton Sloops – Skele­ton Sloops have now been seen roam­ing the seas out­side Skele­ton Ship bat­tles. A chal­leng­ing clash for Sloop crews or a poten­tial­ly easy tar­get for larg­er crews – either way, head out there and claim those rewards!
  • Stor­age Crates – There is now a chance to find washed-up Stor­age Crates out there in the world. These crates can be car­ried and used to store any­thing that you could put into a barrel!
  • Exter­nal Sea Dogs Tav­ern Chal­lenge Route – In Adven­ture, if you head to the Glo­ri­ous Sea Dogs Tav­ern in the cen­tre of the world, you can find a new jump­ing chal­lenge route. Head to the top of the tav­ern through the stair­case and track your best times or try to beat your crew­mates by ring­ing the bells at each end. The Chal­lenge Route can even be attempt­ed back­wards to ramp up the difficulty!
  • Shores of Gold’ Final Cutscene – After break­ing through the Shroud, uncov­er­ing the Shores of Gold’s secrets and fight­ing their way through the cav­erns, crews skilled enough to defeat the fabled foe will expe­ri­ence a new final cutscene show­cas­ing their epic journey.
  • Blun­der­buss Knock­back Bal­anc­ing – We’ve reduced the range at which a Blun­der­buss shot will apply a knock­back to a rival play­er, so you now must be much clos­er to get that knock­back. The dis­tance a play­er is knocked back by the shot remains the same!
  • Gun­pow­der Keg Hit Detec­tion – Improve­ments have been made to ensure hit­ting gun­pow­der kegs at range is more con­sis­tent with ranged weapons.
  • Explo­sive Dam­age on Ships – When ships are affect­ed by explo­sions (gun­pow­der kegs, vol­canic rocks etc.) they now use a new more real­is­tic dam­age mod­el using an inner and out­er blast radius. This new set­up ensures that greater dam­age is applied clos­er to the explo­sion, and less dam­age fur­ther away.
  • Har­poon Aim Sup­port – Fir­ing a har­poon at a play­er or trea­sure Item now has a much greater chance of con­nect­ing with your intend­ed tar­get, even while on a mov­ing ship!
  • Wild Rose’ Music Box – Play­ers can now inter­act with the music box in the ‘Wild Rose’ Tall Tale in order to play the Wild Rose Theme.
  • Reaper’s Chest VFX – The Reaper’s Chest now has a new smoky visu­al effect when dis­cov­ered in the world, and the light pil­lar has had a fur­ther effect pass to ensure its vis­i­bil­i­ty at all times of day/night.

Fixed Issues


  • Join­ing a crew locat­ed close to an active Skele­ton Fort should no longer cause pirates to lose their abil­i­ty to inter­act with the world.
  • Play­ers killed by falling lava rocks and their immense splash dam­age will now cor­rect­ly be offered the red light from the Flames of Fate on the Fer­ry of the Damned.
  • Sword attack ani­ma­tions will now cor­rect­ly play when under the effects of ven­om and being attacked by skeletons.
  • Play­ers enabling ‘Replace Gamertags’ should no longer see true gamertags on ship map con­trols and Voy­age banners.
  • Play­ers enabling ‘Replace Gamertags’ should no longer have the chance to see a debug gamertag when crews migrate to their server.
  • Play­ers enabling ‘Replace Gamertags’ while in prox­im­i­ty to mul­ti­ple play­ers will now cor­rect­ly scram­ble all gamertags in view.
  • Migrat­ing to a new serv­er while your ship mast is down will no longer cause your ship to act as if the mast is up once migra­tion is complete.
  • Play­ers join­ing a serv­er, should no longer have a chance of spawn­ing on the Shores of Gold.
  • Hunter of Wild­splash­es’ Com­men­da­tion now cor­rect­ly awards the ‘Hunter of Wild­splash­es’ Title.
  • Play­ers should once again be able to repair their mast after hav­ing their mast downed and being hit with a Riggingball.
  • Wield­ing a glow­ing item no longer caus­es light­ing around the play­er to change.
  • Move­ment and emote ani­ma­tions should no longer begin to freeze when eight play­ers come togeth­er and ani­mate simultaneously.
  • Switch­ing between Are­na and Adven­ture rapid­ly on the front end will no longer cause a drop in framerate.
  • Inter­act­ing with a bar­rel then leav­ing the game idle will no longer cause the UI to become unre­spon­sive on your return.
  • Assign­ing dif­fer­ent keys to ‘Turn Pre­vi­ous Page, Turn Next Page’ should cor­rect­ly unbind any pre­vi­ous­ly bound keys. These options can no longer be bound to the same keys as movement.
  • Chang­ing the Glob­al set­tings in the ‘All Oth­er Crews’ menu should now cor­rect­ly dis­play this set­ting change when view­ing each indi­vid­ual play­er with­out need­ing to close and reopen the menu.
  • The glob­al ‘All Oth­er Crews’ set­tings should no longer dis­play as ‘YES’ when they are set to ‘NO’. This was a visu­al issue as the set­tings were con­fig­ured incorrectly.
  • Cor­rect­ed gram­mar issues on Reaper’s Chest non-ver­bal messages.
  • Play­ers will no longer hear oar splash­es when row­ing the Row­boat on dry land.
  • When a Sloop has been emp­tied of water, splash­ing foot­step SFX should no longer be heard.
  • The Mer­ce­nary Wheel now casts a shadow.

The Arena

  • Reduce Held Inter­ac­tions’ tog­gle now sup­ports hand­ing in Sea Dog chests in The Arena.
  • Play­ers can once again inter­act with the Pirate Code in the Sea Dogs Tavern.
  • Play­ers are now unable to inter­act with NPCs dur­ing serv­er migration.
  • Con­test score­boards will now dis­play all crews’ scores for­mat­ted based on your locale con­sis­tent­ly in all places. 
  • Play­ers unable to match­make when join­ing The Are­na will now return to the lob­by and stay in their crew, allow­ing them to retry.
  • Sign­ing out of your pro­file while ‘Search­ing the Seas’ for an Are­na lob­by will no longer cause the game to crash.
  • Text shown on The Are­na intro should no longer be cut off.
  • Fol­low­ing migra­tion to a new tav­ern, the can­non and wheel in the Sea Dogs Tav­ern become usable once again.

Tall Tales — Shores of Gold

  • Stars of a Thief’ – Migrat­ing before plac­ing the Star Jew­els into the stat­ue will now cor­rect­ly open the stat­ue, reveal­ing the totem.


  • Loot should no longer spawn in an inac­ces­si­ble place inside the Molten Sands Fortress vault.
  • Resolved col­li­sion issues pre­vent­ing items from being dropped and retrieved inside the Order of Souls tent on Galleon’s Grave Outpost. 
  • Resolved incor­rect col­li­sion on Fetcher’s Rest volcano.
  • Play­ers should no longer get stuck between rocks in cer­tain areas of the trea­sure room on the Shores of Gold.
  • Play­ers should no longer get stuck in the chasm on the Shores of Gold.
  • Play­ers should no longer get stuck under the island at Lone Cove.
  • Play­ers should no longer get stuck between rocks on Shark­bait Cove.
  • Play­ers should no longer get stuck in the rafters of the Three Paces East Seapost.
  • Play­ers should no longer be ‘safe tele­port­ed’ when walk­ing between large rocks on Kraken’s Fall.
  • Play­ers should no longer become stuck behind the Gold Hoard­er tent on Morrow’s Peak Outpost.
  • Resolved a LOD issue on large boul­ders found in the world.
  • Resolved a LOD issue when view­ing tex­tures inside Wanda’s Hideout.
  • Tex­tures should now ren­der cor­rect­ly when sail­ing around Sunken Grove.
  • Sail­ing through an area close to the Isle of Last Words should no longer change the light­ing levels.
  • When mov­ing around the ship, waves will no longer some­times appear to flicker.
  • Play­ers should hear more con­sis­tent audio when encoun­ter­ing spike traps on the Shores of Gold.
  • Resolved a clip­ping issue on Fort lad­ders on Keel Haul Fort.
  • Resolved a gap between rocks on Ashen Reaches.

Source: Rare