The devel­op­ers behind the Bat­man: Arkham tril­o­gy, Rock­steady Stu­dios, teased a new game after a five-year hia­tus. They’ve revealed their next project to be a Sui­cide Squad title. How­ev­er, the stu­dio isn’t giv­ing out any spe­cif­ic details for a few more weeks.

Rock­steady’s unveil was­n’t any­thing extrav­a­gant, they sim­ply tweet­ed out an image of what looks to be Super­man or Biz­zaro, with a Sui­cide Squad logo. More info will be dropped on when DC Fan­Dome begins on Sat­ur­day, August 22nd at 10:00 a.m. PT/ 1:00 p.m. ET. The one-day vir­tu­al event will be show­cas­ing what DC has upcom­ing, includ­ing The Bat­man, The Sui­cide Squad, Zack Sny­der’s cut of Jus­tice League and Rock­steady’s new game. Direc­tor of Mor­tal Kom­bat and Injus­tice, will also be in attendance. 

A recent report from Gamespot sug­gest­ed Rock­steady was already work­ing on a project relat­ed to the Sui­cide Squad. The shared image gives stock to the report, since the Sui­cide Squad logo is present, and looks to be tar­get­ing the head of the per­son in the picture.