Along­side anoth­er ban of 30,000 more cheaters from Call of Duty: War­zone, which brought the total per­ma­bans to 475,000, pub­lish­er Activi­sion has out­lined steps it’s tak­ing to fur­ther com­bat cheaters. 

This lat­est ban wave is War­zone’s “sev­enth high-vol­ume set of bans since Feb­ru­ary,” Activi­sion stat­ed. In a blog post, the pub­lish­er dis­cussed what its secu­ri­ty and enforce­ment teams are doing, such as issu­ing per­ma­bans to repeat or ser­i­al offend­ers and using two-fac­tor authen­ti­ca­tion as anoth­er blockade.

Increased Call of Duty: War­zone Anti-Cheat Efforts

  • Uti­liz­ing 2‑factor authen­ti­ca­tion to make it hard­er to access new accounts sim­ply to cheat.
  • Ramp­ing-up addi­tion­al resources to sup­port our secu­ri­ty and enforce­ment teams.
  • Increased fre­quen­cy of high-vol­ume ban­waves in addi­tion to our dai­ly ban­ning of repeat offend­ing accounts.
  • Improv­ing reg­u­lar com­mu­ni­ca­tions and updates.

Oth­er efforts include issu­ing dai­ly bans to indi­vid­ual offend­ers and repeat offend­ers, as well as per­ma­nent­ly ban­ning the hard­ware of repeat or ser­i­al offend­ers. Activi­sion said both facets are “inte­gral” and “impor­tant” to the goal of stomp­ing out the ram­pant cheating.

On top of these efforts, Activi­sion is tar­get­ing mar­kets where War­zone play­ers share cheats and resell accounts. They recent­ly banned an odd 45,000 “fraud­u­lent, black mar­ket accounts used by repeat offenders.”

Activi­sion also stat­ed it will update on how cheaters will be con­tin­ue to be dealt with in the future.