Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Coming to PS VR

Dou­ble Fine Pro­duc­tions announced today, on PlaySta­tion’s Blog, about an in-between game with a series that has a sequel still in the works. It has been titled Psy­cho­nauts in the Rhom­bus of Ruin and is launch­ing Feb­ru­ary 21st, 2017. 

This game is exclu­sive for PS VR, it is not Psy­cho­nauts 2, but in-between the first Psy­cho­nauts and the upcom­ing sequel. You will be resum­ing the role of Raz, a young psy­chic who is now a full fledged Psy­cho­naut — which are a group of elite inter­na­tion­al psy­chic secret agents.

You will be see­ing in first per­son, using var­i­ous psy­chic pow­ers to effect the world around you. Such as:

  • Clair­voy­ance — allow­ing you to see through the eyes of oth­ers, to explore your environment
  • Telekine­sis — abil­i­ty to move objects with the mind (every­one knows of this power)
  • Pyroki­ne­sis — the pow­er to set things on fire!

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Coming to PS VR

The sto­ry starts exact­ly where the orig­i­nal end­ed. If you haven’t played the orig­i­nal, but you wish to, you can play it on PS4. Just click the link here, it is only $9.99. There is a video below if you want to check out a lit­tle bit more on this wacky look­ing game. 

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