Devel­op­er Raven Soft­ware has con­firmed that a PlaySta­tion 5 and Xbox Series X|S ver­sion of Call of Duty: War­zone is in devel­op­ment (accord­ing to Char­lieIn­tel).

No release date for this enhanced ver­sion of the bat­tle royale game was announced. Cre­ative direc­tor Amos Hodge said a “ded­i­cat­ed tech­nol­o­gy team” with­in Raven is work­ing on upgrad­ing War­zone’s engine and tech­nol­o­gy. This game will take advan­tage of the con­soles’ advanced hard­ware, achiev­ing fea­tures like 120Hz sup­port, faster load times, and oth­er SSD enhance­ments. It will also sup­port the DualSense’s adap­tive trig­gers and hap­tic feedback.

Raven is also look­ing into includ­ing a FOV slid­er on con­soles, giv­ing play­ers wider view­ing angles.

Sea­son Three just start­ed in War­zone and Black Ops Cold War. Both games received mas­sive updates, but War­zone received some sub­stan­tial changes. Ver­dan­sk was also off­i­cal­ly nuked.

The orig­i­nal map has been replaced by Ver­dan­sk 84, an ’80s-themed ver­sion that has sev­er­al new loca­tions. Spring has arrived to War­zone, light­en­ing the over­all mood. This new map is like­ly to stay this way for quite some time.