Sony report­ed its earn­ings this week, announc­ing sales num­bers for the new­ly released PlaySta­tion 5 con­sole. Let’s just say, Sony is doing rather well.

The com­pa­ny con­firmed it shipped a total of 5.9 mil­lion PlaySta­tion con­soles dur­ing the Octo­ber-Decem­ber quar­ter. 4.5 mil­lion of those con­soles sales were from the PS5, with 1.4 mil­lion being PS4 sales. Sony also con­firmed that every PS5 sold was sold at a loss, but that is com­mon for a few years after a new con­sole release.

PS5 Sells 4.5 Million Units At Launch, Spider-Man: Miles Morales Reaches 4 Million Sold

The loss is due to com­po­nents for the con­soles being so expen­sive at the start. Sony will even­tu­al­ly make mon­ey off of the PS5, but soft­ware and ser­vices are where they gain most of their profit.

Sony is on track to sell 7.6 mil­lion PlaySta­tion 5’s by the end of the fis­cal year. The short­ages have been acknowl­edged by Sony, but it isn’t lim­it­ed to just he PS5. The com­pa­ny has promised to “do every­thing in our pow­er” to make more PlaySta­tions available.

PS5 Sells 4.5 Million Units At Launch, Spider-Man: Miles Morales Reaches 4 Million Sold

Sony’s soft­ware sales totaled 103.7 mil­lion PS4 and PS5 games for the peri­od, with 18.4 mil­lion of those being first-par­ty titles. Dig­i­tal sales made up a large por­tion of the soft­ware sales for 2020, 63% to be exact. 

Spi­der-Man: Miles Morales was a top-sell­ing game dur­ing the Octo­ber-Decem­ber peri­od, push­ing 4.1 mil­lion units. The orig­i­nal Spi­der-Man sold more than 13 mil­lion copies, leav­ing the fran­chise more than 17 mil­lion sold copies. 

Over­all, Sony’s gam­ing divi­sion rev­enue was 883.2 bil­lion yen, up 40%, with prof­it of 80.2 bil­lion yen (up 50%).

Sony also shared some num­bers on their ser­vices. PlaySta­tion Plus sub­scribers reached 47.4 mil­lion, with subscription/ net­work rev­enue (includ­ing PS Plus, PS Now, PSN adver­tis­ing, etc.) reached 3.5 bil­lion in 2020.

Spe­cial cred­it to Niko Part­ners Daniel Ahmad for sup­ple­men­tal details and insights via Twitter.