Sony’s next con­sole is right around the bend, and today they out­lined how periph­er­als will work on the PlaySta­tion 5. While some exist­ing hard­ware will still be usable on the PS5 — PlaySta­tion’s Dual­Shock 4 con­troller — will not be. 

This news was shared in a PlaySta­tion Blog post, where Sony explained that PS5 games will not be com­pat­i­ble with the Dual­Shock, because they “believe that PS5 games should take advan­tage of the new capa­bil­i­ties and fea­tures we’re bring­ing to the plat­form, includ­ing the fea­tures of DualSense wire­less controller.”

Sony did give a list of peripherals/accessories that will work on the PS5, which you can see below:

PS5 Accessory Capability 

  • Spe­cial­ty periph­er­als, such as offi­cial­ly licensed rac­ing wheels, arcade sticks, and flight sticks, will work with PS5 games and sup­port­ed PS4 games.
  • The Plat­inum and Gold Wire­less Head­sets, as well as third-par­ty head­sets that con­nect via USB port or audio jack, will work on PS5 (the head­set com­pan­ion app is not com­pat­i­ble with PS5).
  • The Dual­Shock 4 wire­less con­troller and PlaySta­tion offi­cial­ly licensed third-par­ty gamepad con­trollers will work with sup­port­ed PS4 games. 
  • Both the PS Move Motion Con­trollers and the PlaySta­tion VR Aim Con­troller will work with sup­port­ed PS VR games on PS5.

They did note that not all PlaySta­tion offi­cial­ly licensed or third-par­ty accessories/peripherals may work on the PS5. They also rec­om­mend con­tact­ing the man­u­fac­tur­er to con­firm if it will work on the PS5 or with spe­cif­ic titles. 

For those won­der­ing about the PlaySta­tion Cam­era, it will be com­pat­i­ble with the PS5. Those play­ing PS VR games will require a PlaySta­tion Cam­era adap­tor, which will be pro­vid­ed at no addi­tion­al cost to PS VR users. Sony stat­ed more details on the adapter would be announced at a lat­er time.