Dur­ing Sony’s PS5 show­case, every­one got anoth­er chance to look at the Demon’s Souls remake from devel­op­er Blue­point Stu­dios. The new trail­er had a fair amount of game­play, includ­ing a boss fight, and accord­ing to the PlaySta­tion Blog, it will be launch­ing along­side the PS5 when it releas­es in November.

The trail­er orig­i­nal­ly stat­ed that Demon’s Souls would be avail­able for PC as well. How­ev­er, this video has since been tak­en down, giv­ing way to spec­u­la­tion that the men­tion of a PC ver­sion was an error. Sony has since con­firmed to Kotaku that the list­ing was a mis­take and Demon’s Souls will only be com­ing to PS5.

The remake was first revealed dur­ing the PS5 event in June, with a total graph­ic over­haul. The new game­play trail­er has no UI (like­ly tog­gled off for the demo), but has addi­tion­al fideli­ty, smooth­ness, and a few enhance­ments like graph­i­cal set­tings and “Frac­tured Mode.” 

You can see the game­play trail­er below: