A PS5-exclu­sive sur­vival shoot­er titled Aban­doned, has been revealed on Sony on the PlaySta­tion Blog. It’s cre­at­ed by the Dutch devel­op­er Blue Box Game Stu­dio and is a cin­e­mat­ic sur­vival first-per­son shoot­er with plen­ty of hor­ror ele­ments. The stu­dio also has a teas­er trail­er show­ing of the game.

Aban­doned’s star is Jason Long­field, an amne­si­ac who must escape from a mys­te­ri­ous for­est. He must find food, and ammo to fight or sneak his way out of this for­est. As the blog post revealed, Aban­doned is not just a sim­ple first-per­son shoot­er. For exam­ple, if Jason is out of breath from sprint­ing, his aim will suf­fer and the fir­ing rater on all the weapons will slow. So it’s more like a mix of fight­ing and hiding.

Aban­doned will make use of the DualSense con­troller and the PS5’s sup­port for 3D audio to cre­ate what Blue Box is hop­ing will be an impres­sive title. Though the trail­er appears to run at a low fram­er­ate, the blog says that Aban­doned will tar­get 60fps and run at 4K. A game­play video will be arriv­ing soon.

Aban­doned has a very sim­i­lar feel to the recent Blair Witch game which released back in 2019. It also looks a lot like the upcom­ing Res­i­dent Evil Vil­lage and it’s pre­quel, Res­i­dent Evil 7.