It appears Star Wars Jedi: Fall­en Order, will be get­ting full next-gen ver­sions on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This is based on a Ger­man rat­ings board­’s list­ing which looks sep­a­rate from the next-gen upgrades that were already released for the game on those platforms.

Gemat­su spot­ted this on the Ger­man USK rat­ing board, which post­ed the game’s rat­ings for Star Wars Jedi: Fall­en Order across all of its cur­rent devices. This includ­ed PS5 and one labeled “Microsoft Xbox.” This word­ing has been used before from Microsoft –this Xbox gen­er­a­tion is just called “Xbox”– so this seems to be geared towards the Series X/S.

Star Wars Jedi: Fall­en Order Opti­mized Xbox Series X Game­play. Youtube, uploaded by GameSpot, 13 Jan­u­ary 2021

The two new ver­sion received the same USK 16 rat­ing as the old­er ver­sions. The was post­ed ear­li­er this month, but EA and Respawn haven’t even hint­ed at a full next-gen veri­son yet. The ESRB also has­n’t list­ed those ver­sions on its own site.

A patch for next-gen con­soles was released back in Jan­u­ary, offer­ing slight improve­ments for the game when run­ning on these next-gen con­soles. Full next-gen ver­sions will like­ly have far more sub­stan­tial upgrades, but it’s unclear if these will be free.