PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Launches April 4

Drawn to Death the char­ac­ter based 3rd per­son mul­ti­play­er game has been giv­en an release date. The game will launch April 4 exclu­sive­ly for PS4 and cost $19.99.

At launch the game will have five game modes, with most being a vari­a­tion of death­match and one objec­tive based mode. There will be 6 char­ac­ters that each have dif­fer­ent abil­i­ties. For exam­ple Nin­jaw, a nin­ja shark, has the abil­i­ty to use a grap­ple, back­flip and cre­ate shields in midair. The game will also have 26 weapons. These can range from a shot­gun-axe or game con­sole to more con­ven­tion­al weapons like a rock­et launcher. 

On the PlaySta­tion Blog, Game direc­tor David Jaffe describes what makes the game unique. “Obvi­ous­ly it looks unique, but also — and more impor­tant­ly — it feels unique.” said Jaffe. He cites the long time to kill, fast game­play, and the abil­i­ty to adapt to playstyles as rea­sons for the game’s unique feel­ing. Drawn to Death is fast paced, but slow enough for play­er to strate­gize and turn a match around.

When asked about was the most impor­tant thing to encour­age play­er to come back, Jaffe cit­ed the game’s mechan­ics. He stat­ed “the game gives play­ers the sense that suc­cess or fail­ure in a match was up to them and their choic­es.” and that they will be able to eas­i­ly under­stand why they lose or win. 

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