Project Cars 2 Could Launch This Sepetember

Slight­ly Mad Stu­dios has been most­ly silent on the devel­op­ment of Project Cars 2 since its announce­ment in June 2015 until recent­ly. On the offi­cial forums CEO Ian Bell said that the game will like­ly come this September. 

It’s still a very tight run as we’re a bit behind on GUI and Career so noth­ing is set in stone yet. Cur­rent guess is Sep­tem­ber­ish.

Through­out the forum Bell gives out small bits of infor­ma­tion. One of the more inter­est­ing is the claim that all the major famous brands will be includ­ed. “None of the famous brands are miss­ing this time,” Bell stat­ed. This may be pos­si­ble as the Porsche and EA 10 year exclu­siv­i­ty deal has come to an end and the stu­dios has worked with oth­er famous brands.

Anoth­er bit of infor­ma­tion comes from Bell on some improve­ments made from the orig­i­nal game.

We have rewrit­ten the ren­der­ing sys­tem. We have added mul­ti­ple new­ly writ­ten and very impor­tant mod­ules to the physics, dri­ve­train, dif­fer­en­tial and tyre mod­el­ling sys­tems. The FFB sys­tem is now much more intu­itive and comes with pre­sets. The han­dling is trans­formed, in a very very good way. I’m biased I know but right now in the lat­est build I have, those cars that have all of the new sys­tems in place have raised the bar for sim­u­la­tion… and this is before they are pol­ished. But I can’t say any­thing spe­cif­ic as we’ll start the hype train soon”

It is impor­tant to note that this infor­ma­tion is not set in stone. Project Cars 2 remains in devel­op­ment and any num­ber of prob­lems could cause things to change. In the mean­time expect more detailed offi­cial infor­ma­tion to come as we move clos­er to the fall. 


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