The Gigan­ta­max Eevee event has already end­ed in Poké­mon Sword and Shield, but anoth­er exclu­sive Poké­mon has tak­en its place. Gigan­ta­max Meowth is now avail­able in Max Raid dens in both games until June 2nd.

This is the first time Gigan­ta­max Meowth can be caught in Sword and Shield. Before, Meowth was offered as a spe­cial bonus to play­ers who pur­chased a copy of either game before Jan­u­ary 15th. If you missed out on this pro­mo­tion, you now have a chance to cap­ture this spe­cial Pokémon.

Like Gigan­ta­max Pikachu and Eevee, Gigan­ta­max Meowth can­not evolve, but has an exclu­sive G‑Max move called Gold Rush. This move not only deals dam­age, but also con­fus­es the foe and dish­es out more mon­ey after the battle. 

If you want the Gigan­ta­max Meowth the appear in you Raid Dens, refresh them by con­nect­ing online via the Y‑Comm or going to Mys­tery Gift and select­ing Get the Wild Area news. 

Poké­mon Sword and Shield will be get­ting a cou­ple of large expan­sions year, the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tun­dra. The for­mer is launch­ing some­time next month, while the lat­ter will release dur­ing the fall. To cel­e­brate the Isle of Armor’s release, The Poké­mon Com­pa­ny is giv­ing away sev­er­al Galar­i­an Poké­mon with their Hid­den Abil­i­ties via Mys­tery Gift.