Pokemon Prism Leaks After Being Shut Down By Nintendo

After 8 years of devel­op­ment Nin­ten­do sent a cease and desist to Poke­mon Prism cre­ator, Adam “Kool­boy­man”, days before the game’s release on Decem­ber 25.  Nat­u­ral­ly Adam stopped all devel­op­ment on the game and stat­ed that the game will not be release.


A fan group has since leaked the last ver­sion of Poke­mon Prism on var­i­ous sites. They have even sent out a mes­sage via Paste­bin stat­ing that they are not relat­ed to the devel­op­er and answer­ing some com­mon ques­tions. In the same mes­sage they encour­age oth­ers to upload the game to oth­er websites.

Please do dis­trib­ute it! And as for using part of this game to do some­thing else, while we can’t give you per­mis­sion (since we aren’t the ones who made it), it’s very unlike­ly that the orig­i­nal devs would stop you after receiving
a C&D themselves.”

The cur­rent ver­sion of the game still con­tains some bugs and may need some bal­ance fix­es. Luck­i­ly fans have been work­ing on patch­es that will fix many of the games prob­lems. There are even some patch­es that are try­ing to restore unfin­ished con­tent. As of now the best place to find infor­ma­tion on the game and patch­es is through the Poke­mon Prism sub­red­dit

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