The Poké­mon Com­pa­ny unveiled a new Poké­mon title called Poké­mon Leg­ends: Arceus, which was the high­light of the lat­est Poké­mon Presents pre­sen­ta­tion. It’s a pre­quel game and takes place in the same region as Poké­mon Dia­mond and Pearl’s Sin­noh region. It also seems to be a com­plete­ly be a dif­fer­ent game from its pre­de­ces­sors, set in a time when there was no such thing as a Poké­mon trainer.

Poké­mon Leg­ends: Arceus fea­tures sev­er­al of the clas­sic char­ac­ters from pre­vi­ous titles, includ­ing Cyn­daquil, Rowlet and Osha­wott. Envi­ron­ments appear to be more tran­quil and qui­et, but it’s unclear if this game is going to fol­low the same for­mat as tra­di­tion­al Poké­mon titles. Your goal is to make Sin­no­h’s first Pokédex, so queue up the mys­tery music. 

Poké­mon are liv­ing wild­ly in a harsh­er envi­ron­ment from the games set in more mod­ern times. At the cen­ter of the games’s sto­ry is the Myth­i­cal Poké­mon Arceus. You’ll be able to catch and bat­tle Poké­mon using tra­di­tion­al move-based style, but with new “action and RPG ele­ments” includ­ed as well — accord­ing to the offi­cial site. There may not be a Poké­mon League and pos­si­bly no oth­er train­ers either, due to the time peri­od in which the game takes place.

Game Freak is devel­op­ing the title, aim­ing to “break new ground” for the Poké­mon series. The game is set to launch world­wide for the Nin­ten­do Switch in ear­ly 2022.

Two oth­er Poké­mon games are in the works, remakes for Poké­mon Dia­mond and Pearl which should be arriv­ing towards the end of this year.