It’s been four years since Niantic released Poké­mon GO, and it’s hon­est­ly sur­pris­ing how much they’ve made just this year alone. An arti­cle by Sen­sor Tow­er esti­mates the com­pa­ny has gen­er­at­ed more than $1 bil­lion over the past 10 months. 

Poké­mon GO has seen con­tin­u­ous growth for the last three years, after a slight drop in 2017. How­ev­er, 2020 has proven to be the games’ best year yet, with play­er spend­ing up 11% more this year, than all of last year. The first 10 months of this year have seen a 30% increase over the first 10 of 2019.

Of course, a lot of this suc­cess is com­ing from the over­all boost to mobile games because of the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic and lock­downs. Poké­mon GO’s requires play­ers to take to the out­doors to expe­ri­ence the game, but Niantic imple­ment­ing stay-at-home fea­tures to allowed play­ers to still enjoy it with­out the risk of catch­ing coronavirus. 

Also with­in these 10 months of 2020, Poké­mon GO has been ranked the num­ber three mobile game by glob­al play­er spend­ing, out­side of third-par­ty Android stores (like those in Chi­na). In ranks behind PUBG Mobile (#1) and Hon­or of Kings (#2).

All in all, Poké­mon GO has gar­nered close to $4.2 bil­lion in play­er spend­ing glob­al­ly. The Unit­ed States mar­ket is where the largest por­tion of that rev­enue has come from, with $1.5 bil­lion spent, or 36.3% of the total. Japan ranks sec­ond with $1.3 bil­lion or 31.3%, fol­lowed by Ger­many with $238.6 mil­lion, or 5.7%.

Poké­mon GO has had near­ly 600 mil­lion unique installs world­wide to date. The U.S. ranked num­ber one here as well, with 109 mil­lion installs, or 18.2%. Brazil has down­loaded more than 65.2 mil­lion, or close to 11%, fol­lowed by Mex­i­co with 37.3 mil­lion, or 6.2%.

Google Play counts for the major­i­ty of down­loads, with a whop­ping 466 mil­lion installs or 78%. Mean­while, the App Store only had 132 mil­lion down­loads, or 22%.