The Poké­mon Com­pa­ny has announced released dates for its three major Poké­mon titles–the remakes for Dia­mond and Pearl and Poké­mon Leg­ends: Arceus. Poké­mon Bril­liant Dia­mond and Shin­ing Pearl will be launch­ing on Novem­ber 19th, while Poké­mon Leg­ends: Arceus will fol­low the next year on Jan­u­ary 28th, 2022.

The orig­i­nal Dia­mond and Pearl were released back in 2006 for the Nin­ten­do DS, and the Bril­liant Dia­mond and Shin­ing Pearl remakes have an updat­ed art style and qual­i­ty-of-life changes. Both Nin­ten­do and The Poké­mon Com­pa­ny released images of the box art. 

Nin­ten­do has stat­ed that the remakes will be faith­ful to the originals–and aside from the visu­al updates–it looks to be true. Some fans were wish­ing to see a big­ger change as far as updates went, and one ever reimag­ined it with new visuals.

Leg­ends: Arceus is a new Poké­mon title set in the Sin­noh region, long before the time of Dia­mond and Pearl. You’ll be build­ing the region’s first Pokedex by sur­vey­ing, reach­ing, and catch­ing Poké­mon. There is no men­tion of of bat­tling Poké­mon, sug­gest­ing this won’t be like the pre­vi­ous RPG titles in the series. 

Nin­ten­do also announced a cou­ple of updates to Poké­mon Home. A new Catch Cal­en­dar fea­ture allows you to sort your col­lec­tion by the dates you caught them. It will also let you view your Poké­mon in the Pokédex from dif­fer­ent angles.

Both Poké­mon Bril­liant Diamond/Shining Pearl and Poké­mon Leg­ends: Arceus are avail­able to pre­order now. You can check out the pre­order guide for Bril­liant Diamond/Shining Pearl, here.