Sony will be bring­ing changes to the Tro­phy sys­tem, right before the launch of the PS5. These changes will be imple­ment­ed soon enough, and encom­pass play­ers cur­rent Tro­phies, which will car­ry to the next generation.

Accord­ing to a PlaySta­tion Blog post, the Tro­phy lev­el is get­ting a big boost. As of now, Tro­phy lev­els range from 1–100, but after this update, they will be 1–999. The larg­er range means that once the update occurs, your cur­rent lev­el will auto­mat­i­cal­ly be con­vert­ed to an equiv­a­lent place in the new lev­el sys­tem. Sony gave an exam­ple say­ing if your Tro­phy lev­el is 12, your new lev­el will in the low 200’s. 

The exact lev­el depends on the num­ber and grades of tro­phies you’ve obtained. This rework Tro­phy struc­ture is aimed at being more reward­ing, let­ting you progress more quick­ly at the start and con­sis­tent­ly through. As seen in the pic­ture below, the Tro­phy icons have been revamped and will be reflect­ed on the PS5/ PlaySta­tion App (at a lat­er date).

PlayStation Trophies Will Be Changing Soon, Ahead Of PS5 Release

Sony did note that this won’t impact pre­vi­ous­ly earned Tro­phies or Tro­phy require­ments. The update will be avail­able mid-week through­out North Amer­i­ca and Europe.