The next set of free PlaySta­tion Plus games was announced today, via PlaySta­tion’s offi­cial Twit­ter account. The list includes one PS5 title and two PS4 games that are back­wards com­pat­i­ble. If you don’t own the next-gen con­sole, it’s going to be an ok month. 

For those who haven’t grabbed March’s games yet, you still have time. Next mon­th’s titles don’t come into effect until April 6th. So, if you want you can still grab these titles below:

  • Final Fan­ta­sy VII Remake| PS4
  • Rema­nent: From the Ash­es| PS4
  • Maque­tte| PS5
  • Far­point| PS VR

April is see­ing a some­what large month as well, with a PS5 and two PS4 titles. These games will be availalbe to grab on April 6th through May 3rd:

PlayStation Plus Games For April 2021 Announced
  • Odd­world: Soul­storm (PS5 only)
  • Days Gone
  • Zom­bie Army 4: Dead War

Source: PlaySta­tion