PlayStation Plus Free Games Revealed For September 2021

Sony announced the next set of free games com­ing to PlaySta­tion Plus users for this month. This mon­th’s games actu­al­ly includes four titles, thanks to a defin­i­tive edi­tion that con­tains two games and some DLC. How­ev­er, you can still grab August’s games before they com­plete­ly dis­ap­pear on Sep­tem­ber 6th:

  • Hunter’s Are­na: Legends
  • Plants vs. Zom­bies: Bat­tle for Neighborville
  • Ten­nis World Tour 2

Two games will be avail­able for PS4 and the defin­i­tive edi­tion with two games in one is specif­i­cal­ly for PS5 own­ers. These games won’t be avail­able until Sep­tem­ber 7th, but you can check out the full list of Sep­tem­ber’s titles below:

September 2021’s PS Plus Games

PlayStation Plus Free Games Revealed For September 2021
  • Over­cooked: All You Can Eat! (PS5)
    • Includes Over­cooked! and Over­cooked! 2, along with addi­tion­al content. 
  • Preda­tor: Hunt­ing Grounds (PS4)
  • Hit­man 2 (PS4)
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