Platinum Games Teases Switch Port For Bayonetta

Plat­inum Games may be teas­ing a Nin­ten­do Switch port for Bay­o­net­ta 1 and 2. 

The news comes from the offi­cial Plat­inum Games Twit­ter account. In the tweet Plat­inum talks about the sep­a­ra­tion of their Japan­ese and Eng­lish accounts. More impor­tant­ly they put out new Bay­o­net­ta artwork.

The col­or scheme used in the image resem­bles the Neon col­ored Joy­cons for the Switch. Nor­mal­ly this would­n’t be enough to go on, but Plat­inum also liked mul­ti­ple com­ments that men­tioned the resem­blance and the Switch.

With the suc­cess of the Switch world­wide it would make sense for Sega to allow the port. This would put the entire series on one con­sole and tap into a much larg­er play­er base than the Wii U. 

Plat­inum Games has done sim­i­lar teas­es with Bay­o­net­ta in the past. A few months ago they teased a PC release of the orig­i­nal Bay­o­net­ta which even­tu­al­ly came out. 

For now there has been no offi­cial con­fir­ma­tion on a Switch port, but the evi­dence for it is strong.

Source: PlatinumGames_J Twit­ter Account

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