So if you haven’t noticed we have been on a sort of hia­tus for the web­site. For the poten­tial­ly fives of peo­ple who would read our news articles(thanks grand­ma!), we will no longer be doing news arti­cles. To put it frankly, we just did­n’t have the man pow­er to keep up with all the news. We may some­day return to doing news in some fash­ion, but for the fore­see­able future we will be stick­ing to opin­ion pieces. The plan now is a week­ly release of opin­ion pieces most­ly on games we are play­ing whether it be the game as a whole or cer­tain aspects. This is not to say that there will be no arti­cles about things going on in the gam­ing indus­try, but we would like to focus on the videogames and not the oth­er issues that may sur­round them.

          As for our oth­er out­lets, we are stream­ing reg­u­lar­ly on Twitch at 7:30pm(PST). We stream on sep­a­rate chan­nels at MRQGam­ing­Ta­co, MRQGam­in­gRed, and MRQGamin­gIz­zari. Some­times some of us will do solo-streams where we are by our­selves stream­ing what­ev­er game we hap­pen to play, but for the most part we will be play­ing togeth­er. We also live stream our gam­ing pod­cast on Wednes­days at 10pm(PST) at MRQGam­ing­Ta­co. Youtube is still a work in progress as we decide the type of con­tent we want to put up.

These are the plans mov­ing for­ward if we decide to change or add new plans, we will be sure to update you here on the website.