A lit­tle over four hours after ini­tial issues shut down the servers, Peo­ple Can Fly man­aged to get most regions back up and run­ning, with the excep­tion of the US.

Of course, short­ly there­after, the team man­aged to the US serv­er back up and run­ning again as well. They also stat­ed they will “con­tin­ue to mon­i­tor the over­all sit­u­a­tion.” Hope­ful­ly, the game won’t have any major prob­lems after this. You can see the orig­i­nal sto­ry below.

If you’ve been expe­ri­enc­ing issues con­nect­ing to or stay­ing con­nect­ed to an Out­rid­ers game, you’re not alone. This is a major prob­lem, requir­ing a major out­age in order to fix. Devel­op­er Peo­ple Can Fly has acknowl­edged Out­rid­ers is hav­ing servers issues, and since the game requires an online con­nec­tion in all modes, solo play­ers can’t join right now. The stu­dio has asked play­ers to bear with it and not judge the game because of these “teething troubles.”

In the above tweet, Peo­ple Can Fly stat­ed that some play­ers would be able to get online, but it was­n’t “guar­an­teed” yet. As of now, the issues are still being addressed. The game’s offi­cial sta­tus page lists a “major out­age” affect­ing the game’s core com­po­nents. Lat­er on, the stu­dio said it was inten­tion­al­ly shut­ting all servers off for a short peri­od to try a resolve the prob­lems properly. 

In the most recent tweet, Peo­ple Can Fly stu­dio head Sebas­t­ian Woj­ciechows­ki apol­o­gized for the ongo­ing issues, say­ing they were “try­ing to fix it ASAP” in con­junc­tion with Square Enix. He went on to add, “As devel­op­ers who’ve been work­ing super hard for the last 5 years to make this game awe­some, we real­ly hope that you will judge the game rather than those teething trou­bles relat­ed to serv­er issues. It is frus­trat­ing for you and it is frus­trat­ing for us. We real­ly appre­ci­ate your mas­sive inter­est in Out­rid­ers and we hope to see you all on Enoch shortly.”

This comes a day after the game’s ini­tial launch, and sev­er­al hours after the ini­tial reports of play­ers get­ting stuck at the login screen and bro­ken cross-play.