Devel­op­er Peo­ple Can Fly has an upcom­ing update for Out­rid­ers which includes some nerfs to the class­es. This has come as a shock to some play­ers and has stirred up the com­mu­ni­ty, who are blam­ing livestream­ers and YouTu­bers for alleged­ly “ruin­ing games.”

Next week’s update is going to mod­i­fied some bul­let-based skills, like the Blight­ed Rounds and Twist­ed Rounds–will be mod­i­fied so they are less exploitable. As a result of these nerfs, the Out­rid­ers sub­red­dit has been spew­ing a bit of crit­i­cism. Fin­gers have been point­ed at con­tent cre­ators, par­tic­u­lar­ly livestream­ers and YouTu­bers whose entire liveli­hoods depend on cling­ing to one game and mak­ing con­tent about it.

One Red­dit user by the name _superchan wrote, “Dear PCF, no life stream­ers [sic] DO NOT rep­re­sent us or our progress. Nerf­ing builds is a TERRIBLE idea.”

Red­di­tors are say­ing that because these cre­ators are mak­ing videos for a liv­ing, they have more time to ded­i­cate to farm­ing gear, flesh­ing out builds, and dis­cov­er­ing exploits. Those with lives–like work, chil­dren, and social oblig­a­tions– can’t spend that much time with the game. They are sug­gest­ing the nerf will push casu­als away by boost­ing the dif­fi­cul­ty and fun­nel­ing them into one playstyle. This leads to less “cre­ative builds.”

You guys need to under­stand that not every­one goes online and watch­es videos on Out­rid­ers or guides or tricks or any­thing like that,” Red­dit user Queasy_Cut wrote. “Most peo­ple have lives out­side of the game like work, kids, and fam­i­ly that we can’t spend every­day farm­ing for leg­en­daries to get a cer­tain build work­ing. The game is turn­ing into a game where instead of doing ‘cre­ative builds’ we’re stuck farm­ing a sin­gle legendary/weapon that we need to com­plete the build to get a gold run cause there’s not a lot of viable options to com­plete the run on time.”

Oth­ers are offer­ing alter­na­tive ways Peo­ple Can Fly can adjust Out­rid­ers class­es so they don’t have to be nerfed. One said if “you adjust the mods [then] prob­lem solved.” Anoth­er sug­ges­tion includes adjust­ing the AI’s “ridicu­lous accuracy.”

How­ev­er, the major­i­ty of Out­rid­ers play­ers say the stu­dio should focus on who is real­ly play­ing their game, not just the priv­i­leged few who can do it for a living.

STOP USING THE STREAMERS AS A BENCHMARK,” Queasy_Cut wrote. “Get to know what most peo­ple are doing instead of peo­ple that are lit­er­al­ly play­ing games for a living.”