After a series of launch-day issues for devel­op­er Peo­ple Can Fly­’s shoot­er Out­rid­ers, it seems that annoy­ing bug that wipes play­ers’ inven­to­ries, has made its return. 

Obvi­ous­ly, play­ers are not exact­ly thrilled with this, and have tak­en to social media to show their irri­ta­tion with this bug. Some peo­ple who have been play­ing for upwards of 50 hours have lost all of their gear, while oth­ers are stat­ing the bug is hap­pen­ing while match­mak­ing. Peo­ple Can Fly and pub­lish­er Square Enix haven’t out­right said what is caus­ing inven­to­ries and acco­lades to get cleaned out.

Senior com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er Toby Palm told play­ers on Red­dit that while the team is work­ing on sta­bi­liz­ing the servers, a fix for the inven­to­ry glitch is being considered.

We’re still fig­ur­ing out whether the best way would be a one-to-one cus­tomer sup­port team method (which may be more accu­rate but would take much longer and may not be fea­si­ble if there are many cas­es), or whether we are able to (as pre­vi­ous­ly) run a mass-one-off restora­tion event via our back­end,” Palm said.

A post on Red­dit shows what appears to be a col­lage of play­ers’ inven­to­ries, all emp­ty of cloth­ing and weapons.

This glitch pre­vi­ous­ly affect­ed the Out­rid­ers demo. Before the game’s launch on April 1st, Peo­ple Can Fly had said the inven­to­ry glitch would be resolved after­wards. How­ev­er, only Leg­en­daries would be restored.