Nin­ten­do has final­ly con­firmed its plans for E3 2021. The com­pa­ny will be host­ing a Nin­ten­do Direct on Tues­day, June 15th–the last day of E3 2021.

The show­case begins at 9:00 a.m PT/ 12:00 p.m. ET and it’s expect­ed to last for around 40 min­utes. It will fea­ture infor­ma­tion specif­i­cal­ly about Nin­ten­do Switch games for 2021 and beyond. There is no men­tion of hardware.

After the main event, a Nin­ten­do Tree­house Live show­case will start and it will include about three hours of game­play footage. It’s like­ly to be of games that were already seen dur­ing the Direct event.

Nin­ten­do is noto­ri­ous for being host­ing its own E3 brief­ing on the last day of E3, after Microsoft, Ubisoft, and oth­ers have already pre­sent­ed. The Tree­house series has been ongo­ing for years and nor­mal­ly fea­tures devel­op­ers and hosts talk­ing about the lat­est Nin­ten­do games and show­ing gameplay.

Nintendo Direct Coming June 15th For E3 2021

The announce­ment specif­i­cal­ly states the Nin­ten­do Direct will focus on software–with no men­tion of hard­ware. This would­n’t be such a big deal, except there have been ongo­ing rumors that Nin­ten­do will announce a Switch Pro at some point. This could still be in the cards, as sur­pris­es are typ­i­cal at E3.

Nin­ten­do has sev­er­al upcom­ing titles to look for­ward too, includ­ing The Leg­end of Zel­da: Breath of the Wild 2, Spla­toon 3, Metroid Prime 4, and more. Those games may or may not be shown dur­ing the event.