Next Street Fighter V Update Comes May 30, Includes Remastered Spain Stage

A new Street Fight­er V update is set to release on May 30th.

This new update will include two stages. The new stage will be the remas­tered Spain stages that first appeared in Street Fight­er II. Nat­u­ral­ly Vega will be able to climb the fence and come down with a slash. The Thai­land stage will be mak­ing a return. Pre­vi­ous­ly the Thai­land stage was removed because it used a reli­gious chant in the sound­track. Each stage will cost $3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money.

Next Street Fighter V Update Comes May 30, Includes Remastered Spain Stage

The new Cap­com Fight­er Net­work will also be rolling out with this update. Those who played the most recent Street Fight­er V CFN beta will already be famil­iar with the new fea­tures. For those who didn’t play­er the beta, a few changes include rage quit penal­ty sys­tem, improved match­mak­ing times, a friend man­age­ment sys­tem, and the abil­i­ty to save train­ing mode set­tings. Full details on the CFN can be seen here.

New fight­er Ed will also become avail­able with the update. Ed is described as a “Psy­cho Pow­er” infused box­er who was exper­i­ment­ed on to be the replace­ment body for M. Bison. Ed can be bought for $5.99 or 1000, 000 Fight Mon­ey and is includ­ed in the Sea­son 2 Char­ac­ter Pass.

Final­ly there are a few bal­ance changes hit­ting three characters.

  • Bal­rog
    • Turn Punch
      •  Lev­el 1 — 6 Motion: Added throw invin­ci­bil­i­ty for frames 1–18F.
      •  Lev­el 1 — 3 Motion: Changed to upper body and pro­jec­tile invin­ci­bil­i­ty from frames 3–18F.
      •  Lev­el 4 — 6 Motion: Changed to attack and pro­jec­tile invin­ci­bil­i­ty from frames 3–18F.
      •  Lev­el 7 — 10 (Final) Motion: Changed to com­plete invin­ci­bil­i­ty from frames 1–18F
  • R.Mika
    • Pas­sion Press 
      • Hit­box was reduced
  • Dhal­sim
    • Stand Heavy Punch 
      • Changed the total frames from 44F ⇒ 42F
    • Back Throw
      • Reduced the dis­tance from the oppo­nent after hit.

While not apart of the update, new tar­gets will be released every month from June to Novem­ber in cel­e­bra­tion of the Cap­com Pro Tour. Addi­tion­al tar­gets will be avail­able for those who pur­chased the CPT Pre­mi­um Pass.

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