Microsoft has revealed the next wave of games com­ing to Xbox Game Pass in April, along­side the next set of titles leav­ing the ser­vice. There are also six more Game Pass titles that now have touch con­trols for Xbox Cloud Gam­ing. You can check out the first run of Xbox Game Pass titles for April, here.

In total, six more games will be added over the next ten days, start­ing today with MLB The Show 21. This is the first entry in the series to come to Xbox.

Oth­er games com­ing to the sub­scrip­tion ser­vice include Destroy All Humans! (the orig­i­nal), Fable III, Fable Anniver­sary, Sec­ond Extinc­tion and Phogs!.

You can see the dates these titles arrive and when the next set of games will be leav­ing, below:

Xbox Game Pass April Titles

April 20th

  • MLB The Show (con­sole, cloud)

April 22nd

  • Phogs! (PC)

April 28th

  • Sec­ond Extinc­tion (con­sole, PC, cloud)

April 29th

  • Destroy All Humans! (con­sole, PC, cloud)

April 30th

  • Fable III (cloud)
  • Fable Anniver­sary (cloud)
Next Set Of Xbox Game Pass Titles For April 2021 Announced

Leaving Xbox Game Pass On April 30th

  • End­less Leg­end (PC)
  • For the King (con­sole, PC, cloud)
  • Frac­tured Minds (con­sole, cloud)
  • Lev­el­head (con­sole, PC, cloud)
  • Mov­ing Out (con­sole, PC, cloud)
  • Thumper (PC)

The new touch-con­trol games include Ban­jo-Kazooie, Bat­tle Chasers: Night­war, Killer Queen Black, Over­cooked 2, Wreck­fest, and Dou­ble Drag­on Neon.