New World Players Are Not Happy About The Proposed Expertise System

Ama­zon pro­posed some changes to how play­ers earn gear in New World–along with how effec­tive it is–that has swift­ly angered the playerbase.

As rev­eled in the game’s lat­est pub­lic test realm build (as well as detailed in an offi­cial blog post) from Ama­zon, New World’s upcom­ing Decem­ber patch will bring som big adjust­ments to the game. This includes changes to endgame con­tent and the game’s cur­rent High Water­mark sys­tem. Water­mark will become a new sys­tem called Exper­tise, and one change is caus­ing all the controversy.

As it sits, the High Water­mark only affects item drops, it has no effect on the effec­tive­ness of that item. So play­ers with a low Water­mark on par­tic­u­lar gear slot could still equip and use high­er gear score items–like craft­ed ones–at the max­i­mum effectiveness.

This update would make this an impos­si­bil­i­ty. Play­ers using gear that has a high­er chore that their Exper­tise lev­el will see those items down­grad­ed to match the Exper­tise lev­el. So if a play­er crafter a high­er-lev­el set of armor, earned a high­er-gear score item from a quest, or bought max-lev­el gear from anoth­er play­er will still need to grind the endgame in order to get the most use out of their gear.

It was a major top­ic on the New World sub­red­dit, where users wrote about their griev­ances with this new system. 

Play­ers who have spent a lot of time and mon­ey craft­ing the best gear in the game are now being told that it’s essen­tial­ly worth­less. Obvi­ous­ly, this isn’t going to make any of them thrilled to play. This move will also affect the the in-game econ­o­my, as the high-lev­el gear sold by oth­er play­ers will plummet.

As of right now, these changes are only avail­able via the game’s PTR and haven’t been intro­duced to the pub­lic servers. Ama­zon will like­ly remove this from the upcom­ing update, as the back­lash has been rather swift.

This is just the lat­est issue among the many that have been plagu­ing New World. The last few months the game has gone through an entire econ­o­my shut­down (twice), time trav­el­ing servers, and issues that came up with the Into the Void update.

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