New Transformer Races on GTA Online This Week — Plus a Creator Update

The dis­counts this week for GTA Online only include a few vehi­cles this week, but Rock­star did include new Trans­former Races and a give­away for GTA$250,000. There’s also a rather large update for GTA Online Cre­ator, includ­ing new addi­tions like, Vehi­cles, Props, weath­er pat­terns and more. 

7 New Transformer Races

Expect Dou­ble GTA$ and RP in not only the sev­en new races, but ALL Rock­star-Cre­at­ed Trans­former Races now through June 11th.

Canal Cross­er: Sure, you can tur­bo your hyper­bike through jumps, rings and tubes and make it look easy but can you deal with the Vespuc­ci canals? Rust­ing strollers, ex-FIB infor­mants, the flam­ing wreck­age of hov­er­cars and amphibi­ous quads – some­times the nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring obsta­cles are the trickiest.

Size Mat­ters: There’s noth­ing more exhil­a­rat­ing than thread­ing a jet­pack between the apart­ment blocks of down­town Los San­tos. There’s noth­ing more arous­ing than being at the con­trols of a delta wing mil­i­tary bomber. And there’s noth­ing more psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly dam­ag­ing than rapid­ly mov­ing between the two.

The Grot­ti Cir­cuit: This fiery hur­ri­cane of jet­packs, fly­ing cars and vin­tage clas­sics rag­ing through the heart of Los San­tos is brought to you by Grot­ti, the Ital­ian super­car man­u­fac­tur­er with a low thresh­old for bad pub­lic­i­ty. Even the flam­ing wreck­age is green, white and red.

Plane and Sim­ple: Dis­ori­en­ta­tion is a fun­ny thing. You take one too many invert­ed check­points in a fight­er jet, and you’d swear you were stuck in a long, wind­ing tun­nel dodg­ing rotat­ing fans with absolute­ly no idea what vehi­cle you’re using. Don’t wor­ry, it’ll prob­a­bly clear up soon.

Evo­lu­tion: The tech only gets bet­ter — but can you keep up? Sure, your old Sports Clas­sic is man­age­able. You can prob­a­bly han­dle a juiced up stock car, too. But that vicious lit­tle hatch­back is going to cause trou­ble — and as for the hypercar.…Yeah, you’re not ready.

Tug Life: It’s a rule as old as high-speed rac­ing itself: nev­er fall out of the sky in a rusty tug boat on a full stom­ach. Or some­thing like that – it does­n’t real­ly mat­ter, because you’re def­i­nite­ly doing it. 

Twister ΙΙThere was a time when if you asked any civ­i­lized per­son whether they fan­cied a high-speed corkscrew hun­dreds of feet above the Pacif­ic, they would do the decent thing and assume you were hop­ing to join the mile high club. These days you’re not even talk­ing about a plane.

GTA$250K Giveaway

Log in any­time from now until June 11th to reg­is­ter for a spe­cial cel­e­bra­to­ry GTA$ Cash Give­away, then return after June 14th to receive GTA$250,000 in bonus cash. All GTA$ should be in your Maze Bank by June 18th.

Vehicle Discounts

Rock­star changed the dis­counts for vehi­cles this week. Instead of just list­ing all the dis­counts at once, they’ll be releas­ing more dis­counts dur­ing the week, on their Insta­gram, Twit­ter, and Face­book accounts. How­ev­er, there are three vehi­cles will be on dis­count all week:

  • The Nagasa­ki Shotaro — 30% off
  • The Blaz­ing Aqua — 30% off 
  • The Ocelot XA-21 — 30% off

Creator Update

[June 5, 2018] New Con­tent – PS4, XB1 & PC

  • New Races – Trans­form Races 
    • Five new Trans­form Races have been added to GTA Online: 
      • Trans­form – Canal Crosser
      • Trans­form – Size Matters
      • Trans­form – Grot­ti Circuit
      • Trans­form – Plane and Simple
      • Trans­form – Evolution
      • Trans­form – Tug Life
      • Trans­form – Twister II
  • Cre­ator Update 
    • New Props have been added to all Creators: 
      • Stunt Tubes:
        • Tube Extra Short Opaque
        • Tube Straight Gap Opaque
      • Dynam­ic:
        • Sea-Mine (No Chain)
        • Sea-Mine (Short Chain)
        • Sea-Mine (Long Chain)
      • Big Neon Arrow Category
    • New Cre­ator Props have been added for the fol­low­ing Race types: 
      • Air Race
      • Sea Race
      • Com­bat Creator
    • Warp Check­points:
      • A new option has been added to the Trans­form Creator: 
        • Race Cre­ator > Trans­form Race Creator
    • Under­wa­ter Checkpoints 
      • Added to Trans­form Races and Stromberg Races
    • Cre­ator Vehicles 
      • A num­ber of new vehi­cles have been added to the fol­low­ing Race types: 
        • Com­bat
        • Spe­cial Race
        • Trans­form
        • Assault
      • A new weaponized vehi­cle group has been added to the Com­bat Cre­ator. Vehi­cles in this group can still be found in their orig­i­nal locations
    • A num­ber of options have been added to the Race, Cap­ture, LTS, and Death­match Creators: 
      • Race
        • More Weath­er Options
        • Option to spawn rel­e­vant vehi­cles in VTOL or flight for­ward modes
      • Cap­ture
        • More Weath­er Options
        • Cus­tom Team Names
        • Team Want­ed Levels
        • Block Bul­let­proof Helmets
        • New Cap­ture Objects
        • DLC Weapons
        • Vehi­cle Liveries
        • Vehi­cle Health
        • Bul­let­proof Tires
        • Team Restric­tions
        • Weaponized Vehi­cle Options
      • LTS
        • More Weath­er Options
        • Cus­tom Team Names
        • Team Want­ed Levels
        • Block Bul­let­proof Helmets
        • DLC Weapons
        • Vehi­cle Liveries
        • Vehi­cle Health
        • Bul­let­proof Tires
        • Team Restric­tions
        • Weaponized Vehi­cle Options
      • Death­match
        • More Weath­er Options
        • Block Bul­let­proof Helmets
        • DLC Weapons
        • Vehi­cle Liveries
        • Vehi­cle Health
        • Bul­let­proof Tires
        • Weaponized Vehi­cle Options
      • Addi­tion­al Props are now avail­able to play­er Creators: 
        • Play­er now has access to 200 props and 20 dynam­ic props
    • A new Cam­era Angle has been added in all Creators: 
      • A new Cam­era Angle has been added to allow play­ers to angle fur­ther up, allow­ing eas­i­er posi­tion­ing of props, or plac­ing props underwater
    • A new Path Record­ing fea­ture has been added to a num­ber of Creators: 
      • This option allows play­ers to begin, end, and clear “Record­ings” of their move­ments as they dri­ve around
      • This option is not avail­able in the fol­low­ing Creators: 
        • Air Cre­ator
        • Sea Cre­ator
      • A new option has been added to a num­ber of Creators: 
        • Cre­ator > Race Details > Path Record­ing Option

Source: Rock­star

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